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Meet Attila Wolf, Microsoft Dynamics AX Consultant

Meet Attila Wolf, Microsoft Dynamics AX Consultant



Experience: 10 years of using and supporting Dynamics AX systems working for an end-user

Projects: Full-time or long term contract (minimum of 9 months)

Permanent position ideally as will move with his family

Industries: Waste Management but experience in Retail, Warehousing, Distribution. Experience in accounting so can oversee the whole project

Markets: UK, Canada & New Zealand but would consider other countries as well

Availability: Immediate but has 30 days’ notice period

Other interests: F1 cars, did go-carting in his early days, likes speed sports: skiing, etc..


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  1. Elena from 365 Freelance: Attila, thank you for taking the time to share your views with us. What is your ideal role?


Attila: I prefer working for end-users as I like long-term engagement with the same company. This is what I’ve done in the past but I am also open to working for a partner as well as this way I will meet with new companies all the time. This would be a new challenge and I am a fast learner.


What I like best is to oversee the whole project and engage with the business side. In my experience, what works really well is to gather the client requirements by spending some time with end-users and doing their job/shadowing them so I could understand their jobs, process flow, problems, etc.. Then once I build this knowledge, I can scope the project and develop the required functionality.


I am currently based in Hungary but can work anywhere in EU. Unfortunately, we have limited opportunities with AX here working on an end-user side. There just aren’t that many large and complex AX implementations. This is the reason I am looking for opportunities abroad where I know there is a shortage for resources.


  1. Elena: You worked directly for a Dynamics AX end-user for 10 years. Tell me more about your role and responsibilities?


Attila: In the beginning, 2004 I was hired for the implementation of AX v3. This big international company needed someone in Hungary to implement it. In the beginning, I was more involved in the programmatic side and getting the budget approved. Then we hired a second consultant in the team and was able to concentrate on the solution, understanding the changes in the business and adjusting/expanding our solution accordingly. For example, there were legislation changes; this required us to update AX. Other things that needed a lot of attention were integrations to external software. I was also involved in developing lots of additional functionality and modules (Truck Weighting Scale module, Plate ID reader and gate control system, bank card reader system, etc..). I ran 2 very interesting projects – Digital Delivery Notes and Invoicing by RFID authentication. I also coordinated the work with the 2 partners with involved in both Hungary and Czech Republic.


  1. Elena: You mentioned previously that you are constantly looking for new challenges and new ways of looking at problem solving. Tell me more about the Creative Problem Solving course you graduated at the College of Design, University of Minnesota?


Attila: Yes, I like to challenge my own thinking. I did a couple of management courses. It is great to do something different outside of your comfort zone. We often think about the problematic consequences and say “Yes but…”, how about we turn this around and think about the “Yes and…” solution. I then try to apply this at work – not only focussing on the problem and the traditional solution. In a way, it is good to step back and start think like a child and not being limited by how we always do things.


  1. Elena: What do you like about the 365 Freelance concept?


Attila: 365 Freelance helps open the resource market. It is all about supply and demand – there are not enough consultants in some developed markets; there is a supply of experts in others so your platform is a great solution to this capacity issue.



Elena: Thank you so much, Attila! I really enjoyed talking to you.  

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