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How to get free Dynamics Learning Portal access

How to get free Dynamics Learning Portal access

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Would you like to access powerful Dynamics 365 training material for free? We can help you to get free Dynamics Learning Portal access!


If you are a Dynamics 365 Consultant or a Student who is looking to start a career in Dynamics, you are eligible for free Dynamics Learning Portal access through us.


We also help professionals from other sectors who are interested in cross-training to Dynamics!

What is the Dynamics Learning Portal?

The Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP) is the official platform built by Microsoft for the purpose of providing specialized Dynamics 365 training material to Dynamics consultants.

This benefit used to only be available to Microsoft employees and Partner employees. Now, through 365 Talent Portal, all consultants and students can benefit from this too!


Deco Pinheiro, Dynamics Learning Platform Manager at Microsoft Development Center, Copenhagen, Denmark: “The Dynamics Learning Portal is a fantastic tool for all Dynamics consultants as it combines all the learning plans, online training, virtual labs, workshops, events and exam preparation guides in one single repository.”

What are the benefits of DLP?

The DLP covers a wide range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 training needs. It allows consultants of all roles and all levels of seniority to find training material. Whether you are looking to learn something new, or simply in need of updating your skills, DLP has something for you.

Here is what you can get through DLP:

          Online Courses – access thousands of on-demand training courses and training materials

          Learning Plans –categorised by role, track and capability and recommended suitable courses

          Exam Preparation Guides – access multiple courses and instructor led training to help you pass all the Dynamics certification exams.

          Worldwide Workshop offers and Events Schedule (for consultants only) – find multiple online workshops and local product specific events

          Course Transcripts – print a copy of the transcripts of the DLP courses

How to get free Dynamics Learning Portal access

If you would like to benefit from all these resources, it’s simple! Register with 365 Talent Portal as a Consultant or a Student. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you will be able to send us a request for DLP access through us!

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