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[Webinar] Future-proofing your finance industry career by moving to tech

[Webinar] Future-proofing your finance industry career by moving to tech

Webinar – Future-proofing your finance industry career by moving to tech 


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Are you an accountant or finance analyst feeling stuck in a career with limited prospects for growth? 

The Microsoft technology space offers a number of exciting career opportunities to professionals with your background. 

In a world where future-proofing careers is more important than ever, this webinar will support you to discover the career prospects available within the Microsoft technology space, as well as sharing professional development strategies you can apply to ensure your Microsoft career is future-proof. 

What we will cover:

  • What makes Microsoft technologies an attractive space for Finance professionals 
  • Career prospects in Microsoft ERP – roles, career progression 
  • How to future proof your Microsoft career against technology obsolescence 

If you are considering a Microsoft tech career and want to know more about the possibilities, fill in the form below to save your seat! 


Sandra Koutzenko

Sandra Koutzenko
Director of Training Services at 365 Talent Portal

Sandra is a learning and career development expert with 9 years of experience empowering professionals to develop their careers in the Microsoft space.

She has created a lot of guides and resources around various aspects of starting a Microsoft career, getting trained and finding a role with a Microsoft employer, with the aim to support more people to find fulfilment and success.

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