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The latest Dynamics 365 online training courses

The latest Dynamics 365 online training courses

This year, Microsoft have been releasing a staggering amount of new Dynamics 365 online training material. We regularly get asked by our members which Microsoft Dynamics courses are available, or which are the latest Dynamics certification exams they could take.

Over the past three years, on the 365 Talent Portal blog, we’ve been publishing updates on the latest courses made available by Microsoft on their Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP). Now, we want to go further than this and make it even easier for you to know exactly what Microsoft online learning materials could be available to you.


Your Dynamics 365 online training course catalogue

Instead of simply listing the latest courses, we are starting to build a full catalogue of the Dynamics 365 online training material available on the DLP, as well as the Dynamics certification exams that can be taken. This document can be downloaded at the bottom of this article.

This catalogue will be updated regularly by adding the newest courses and removing the expired ones. We will also, progressively, include more Microsoft Dynamics products and a wider variety of training material, so keep an eye on our blog!


How does DLP access work?

To fully benefit from the DLP course catalogue made available below, you will need to have access to the DLP. Normally, the DLP is only available to Microsoft employees and Microsoft Dynamics Partners.

If you are interested in Dynamics 365 online training and certification preparation, but don’t have access to DLP, please contact us. We can provide information that could help you to get free access to DLP courses, as well as benefit from a number of other valuable Dynamics professional resources.


Download your Dynamics 365 online training course catalogue!

To download the August 2017 update of our Dynamics Learning Portal course catalogue, please click the below link. There are many interesting new Microsoft training courses available – for instance, Dynamics 365 for Talent has been a big focus on the latest releases and you can now learn a lot about how it works.

Download your Dynamics 365 course catalogue!


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