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Meet Carlos Eduardo Aciego Flores, Dynamics NAV and GP Project Manager

Meet Carlos Eduardo Aciego Flores, Dynamics NAV and GP Project Manager




Experience: 8 years with GP, 2 years with NAV.

Projects sought: Open to both full-time and part time, and Carlos would even be happy to relocate for the right full-time role. For contract work, Carlos prefers short-term projects.

Markets: Canaries Islands, continental Spain and other EU countries for short-term projects. Open to any remote opportunity (also happy to travel to the location once or twice a month).

Availability: Now.

Other interests: Playing poker, programming. Likes to come up with new ideas and projects (applications for mobile devices, for instance).


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  1. Sandra from 365 Freelance: Carlos, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. What is your ideal role? 

Carlos: I’m looking for project management roles: I’ve a lot of experience having been doing this a long time, and I feel very comfortable with it. I enjoy helping other consultants if they get stuck on an issue when working on a project: I like to guide them towards a new way of facing whatever problems they encounter. As I started my career as a Technical consultant and Developer, I’m also able to get involved in the technical aspects of a project if my team needs my assistance.

I’m comfortable working with both partners and end-users. What matters to me is how challenging the project is: if there is something that the client finds difficult (or even impossible) to do, then I’ll strive to find the best possible solution for them. The advantage I have in this respect is that I’m not only a Dynamics consultant: I have experience working with .NET, C#, Android programming and Windows servers. This gives me an edge when it comes to handling a project that other consultants might find difficult.

For instance, I had a project that was about integrating three implementations of GP (one in Venezuela, one in Colombia and one in Panama). There were many things the client needed to do that weren’t natural for GP: in some instances, orders placed in one of these countries needed to be counted out of another country’s inventory. The user had to be able to see where the inventory was and how much of the product would need to be imported. The challenge was that the process required interactions between two different installations of GP and, in some cases, between two different companies. We had many difficulties there but, in the end, we got an excellent result, which is running live right now.

Another time, a client asked me to set-up Dynamics GP so that there would be a pre-set discount percent for specific customers or items. Normally, the user needs to do this manually by opening a window and entering the discount percent for each row.

I found a way to get this done by providing an alternative form for that specific window in GP: I put the discount percentage control onto the grid (ScrollingWindow) on each line and everything worked like a charm after I spent two days playing with triggers, controls and natural functionalities of GP to make sure that everything was fine.

What I really enjoy doing is creating a great solution which, once delivered, won’t cause any problems to the customer. That’s why I always make sure we have a high quality approach to testing the solution before delivery.


  1. Sandra: You have a long experience working with both NAV and GP. How do you manage to stay up-to-date on both (with the latest releases, the training, the certifications etc.)? 

Carlos: The way to keep up-to-date with any Dynamics product is to keep working on it – to keep taking on various projects from partners and end-customers. As not everyone has the same version, this forces you to keep up-to-date in all platforms.

From my point of view and from the user perspective, NAV and GP are quite similar. If you know how to work with one, you can somehow reuse your knowledge when working with the other. From a technical perspective, though, it’s a different story. There isn’t much that can be transferred, in terms of programming, from one to the other. It is possible to reuse some components when it comes to integration, though: for instance, if I create a module in .NET which integrates with one system, I can reuse part of the code in the other system – but not the part that’s written in the native programming language.

When it comes to keeping up-to-date with certifications, as I’m busy all the time, I have to admit that I tend to push it back. At the moment, I am only certified for Dynamics GP. I’m planning on getting certified in NAV: I’m sure it will help me get even more opportunities.


  1. Sandra: Is it easy for a NAV/GP freelancer to find projects on the Spanish market? What are the challenges that you’ve faced in doing so? 

Carlos: The Spanish market has many more consultants working with NAV than with GP – and many more job opportunities with NAV or AX than with GP.

As a freelancer, I find that the challenges are the same in different countries: so far, I’ve had very good luck in finding interesting projects and job opportunities. The main issue is that I’m often offered opportunities which don’t quite match what I’m looking for (in terms of location, salary or duration).

In the Canary Islands, where I live most of the time, there aren’t as many opportunities as on the continent. Here, people live off tourism so there isn’t so much Dynamics activity. Still, I’m sure that, sooner or later, I’ll find the right opportunity here. Until then, I enjoy my life here but go where the business is.

As I only arrived in Spain last November, I don’t have as much insight into the Spanish Dynamics market as I do into the Latin America market.


  1. Sandra: What do you think of the 365 Freelance service and of the 365 Freelance concept? 

Carlos: I think it’s an excellent idea. It’s something I’d like to congratulate you about. A platform such as yours was dearly needed and I myself thought about building some kind of a freelancer platform in the past.

I know that there are many customers who need excellent consultants but don’t like to have to go through an intermediary to find them. Making an open market of Dynamics freelancers is a great idea. It’s something that I’d love to support in any way that I can.


Sandra: Thank you, Carlos, for sharing your views and insights with us!    


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