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Meet Jaganathan Krishnan, Cloud Solutions Delivery consultant/Project Manager

Meet Jaganathan Krishnan, Cloud Solutions Delivery consultant/Project Manager


Experience: 18 years of information technology experience and 10 years of IT Infrastructure Solutions delivery experience. 3 years of Dynamics CRM Online,Office365, SharePoint Online and Azure. Cloud-certified (Office 365 and MS Azure).

Projects sought: Flexible term project

Markets: Can go onsite for projects in the US; can work remotely for US and other regions.

Availability: mid-December 2014.

Other interests: Travelling, working out in GYM and driving in SoCal, Movies, Networking events, siriusXM radio (channel 34,39,360)


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  1. Sandra from 365 Freelance: Jag, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. What is your ideal role?

Jaganathan: My ideal project would be a complex solutions design, development and deployment, Cloud TECH Support and end to end IT projects delivery . My role would be an IT solutions consultant from start to finish: scaling the project task, implementing the solution. I like to take ownership of the deliverables and play a major role in the project delivery.

I like to work with small to medium businesses as well as with non-profits. I’m interested in many industries.


  1. Sandra: I see that at the moment, your main focus is Cloud Migrations consulting. Why did you chose to focus on this technology? What kind of market is there for this in the US?

Jaganathan: Cloud migration is still picking up. People are a bit hesitant as they think it involves changes their environment drastically. It’s actually not the case: it’s the same way of doing IT, just more modern. The Cloud simplifies the processes – it’s a new infrastructure technology.

Still, a lot of people are migrating and I see potential in this area. I’d say that, right now, as per my personal opinion it’s at 10% of its capacity. Take it from someone who’s been in this business for the last 18 years: the technology has to be migrated. It’s always safe to do it with Microsoft, and financially backed-up. Migrating to cloud means that people can concentrate on business instead of concentrating on frequent technology changes, Compliance and securities. The Cloud eliminates downtimes and transitions. I see it as the future of infrastructure.


  1. Sandra: Is it hard for you to find projects, then?

Jaganathan: To be honest, I’m in the initial stage of selling solutions, so the help that 365 Freelance gives to contractors is a great advantage: I’m an experienced technical guy but from a marketing perspective, I am a start-up but learn faster.

I’m currently looking for opportunities in the US, and getting the right project is hugely important to me. That’s why I depend on people like you to help me get connected with clients! You can find feedback about my work here.


     4.  Sandra: How do you compare your full-time experience to your freelance experience?


Jaganathan: When you work as an employee, you’re part of a team, which means you have many people to help you in many areas. Also, you’re a part of the big company so the next project is always there. This takes away a lot of the worries you can have as a freelancer. For instance, as an employee, you don’t have to concern yourself with marketing yourself to find the next role.

As a freelancer, you get to play multiple roles, which can be lots of fun and excellent experience, although tough sometimes. You’re the CEO; you do your own legal, taxes, everything. It’s more challenging in many ways, but you learn so much.

In the end, it all comes down to how much you are benefiting from each role – financially, experience, training, and enjoyment and so on. You have to weigh the pros and cons of each. Right now, I’m taking freelancing as an opportunity to see how successful I can be as an entrepreneur – and really enjoying it.


  1. Sandra: What do you like about the 365 Freelance service?

Jaganathan: The 365 Freelance website is good and fast to use. I like it compared to other websites as it is straight to the point. It’s got Dynamics as the main focus but it incorporates a lot of other skills as well. It’s truly impressive, and I think it’s great that there are no agent fees. It’s a good concept.

I’m not surprised it is becoming such a good hit. I like your regular communication and the way you’re screening the candidates. Everything is simple and quick. I’d rate it 10 out of 10 compared to other websites, from a freelancer’s perspective.


Sandra: Thank you, Jaganathan! It is very insightful hearing your views.  


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