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Meet Luis X. B. Mourão, Dynamics AX Technical Architect

Meet Luis X. B. Mourão, Dynamics AX Technical Architect




Experience: 19 years of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Projects sought: A combination of long-term and short-term. Prefers to have more than one project at a time. Likes to be in an advisory role.

Markets: Europe-focussed but happy to work remotely for another time-zone.

Availability: 1st February.

Other interests: As a contractor, work is his hobby. He likes reading and studying. He also creates free software and contributes to other free projects.


Take a look at Luis’s profile and CV on 365 Freelance.



  1. Sandra from 365 Freelance: Luis, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. What is your ideal role? 

Luis: It would be working as a tech lead for development, data migration, integration and/or infrastructure teams in global Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations or upgrades. I especially enjoy working with multi-cultural teams around the world and bridging the gap between the business and technical sides of implementing an ERP system.

Having fun at work is also really important to me. I like to be part of a team that is socially intelligent, in a team-oriented project environment and culture: this can offset the often challenging goals, the heavy workloads and the high stress which are common in ERP implementations.


  1. Sandra: You have an amazing international portfolio. How do you find your international projects? 

Luis: It’s a combination of people I know, recruiters, even job ads. Because of my wide experience, multi-national and cultural background, language skills and strong work ethics; I’m generally perceived as a good fit for large international projects and I’m able to look for opportunities around the globe.

In fact, I have on multiple occasions intentionally looked for positions that required spending extensive periods of time in other countries; or even re-located to have the opportunity to experience new ways of seeing and doing things.


  1. Sandra: In your latest project, the client built a delivery team in the same way a partner would. That is becoming a very common scenario, why do you think the end users do this as opposed to engaging with partners?

Luis: I think many end-user organizations are realizing that their ERP systems are critical to their businesses and that they cannot expect their partners to be available on call; nor to have the deep business specific know-how that is often needed by the everyday operations of the business. This has been driving a trend to in-sourcing core skills and drawing on partners to supplement that, e.g. resourcing projects and bringing in external and new know-how.

I think another aspect is that the partners generally fail to see themselves as advisors and coaches to their customers, to take responsibility for the success of their projects and to engage them as business partners. Instead, they seem to see themselves and act purely as providers of .


  1. Sandra: What would you say are the benefits of hiring an independent contractor?

Luis: Many of the best and most experienced people on the market are independent contractors. That’s why they can afford to be on their own. It also allows them to make life choices that keep them at the leading edge: they spend much more time in on-going training, engaging with peers, experimenting and picking up the latest technologies.


  1. Sandra: What do you think of the 365 Freelance website and of the 365 Freelance concept?

Luis: The web site is well done, I find it easy to use and navigate. It’s very professional and I’m sure it will get better.

I like the 365 Freelance business model and I’m particularly excited to see a portal of this calibre with a focus on Microsoft Dynamics: it’s really going to help connect end-user organizations with the best people in the Microsoft Dynamics market, wherever they are. It allows contractors to get out and beyond their personal network and geographical area. It’s also a place where people from anywhere can see my profile without me having to call a lot of people I don’t know. As I’m not a sales guy, I don’t like cold calling.

Traditionally, finding work outside your near geographical region requires a huge effort. Because of that, I have mostly worked as a sub-contractor for the major partners as this significantly reduces the effort of hunting down my next job.

As I perceive myself as an advisor and coach who builds long-term business relationships, I would very definitely prefer to contract directly with end-customers: I don’t like to walk away at the end of an assignment, but it’s legally complicated not to when you are a sub-contractor.

I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for the success of 365 Freelance. I think it’s a great proposition for end-user organizations as well as independent contractors – and even for partners – to easily and quickly identify and contract top-level resources to supplement their in-house resources and changes in demand.


Sandra: Thank you, Luis! It’s a pleasure to hear about your experience.


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