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Meet Muhammad Anas Khan, Dynamics AX Technical consultant

Meet Muhammad Anas Khan, Dynamics AX Technical consultant


Experience: 6 years of IT experience, 4 years with AX.

Projects sought: Both full-time and part-time, both long-term and short-term.

Markets: Pakistan. Would be happy to be sponsored to work in the US, in Australia, or in the UK.

Availability: 2 months’ notice.

Other interests: Reading books, watching movies, spending time with family, sports.


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  1. Sandra from 365 Freelance: Anas, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. What is your ideal role? 

Anas: Right now, I am working for a Pakistan-based Microsoft Gold Partner who is implementing Dynamics AX solutions for USA-based customers. My current responsibilities include requirements engineering, performing customisations, building new features, integrating Dynamics AX ERP with third-party applications, developing custom SSRS reports, designing custom workflows, enforcing system-wide role based security and unit test solutions.

Ideally, I would like to keep working in a Partner environment. I would like for my next role to include my current responsibilities as well as allowing me to take on new challenges. I’m especially interested in expanding into customer-facing roles and a more functional approach to AX.

The most interesting project I’ve worked on so far was an AX implementation for a USA-based client. The project involved creating a website and integrating it with Dynamics AX. It was a great experience for me to integrate AX with an external interface. There was a feature called Baseline which was particularly challenging to work with and whose implementation I handled on my own, from the requirements engineering to the testing phase. It took 6 months to complete the work on this feature and I’m glad I was a part of it.

In the next 5 years, I’m looking forwards to getting hands-on experience with the functional areas of AX: Supply chain foundation, Bill of materials and Distribution and trade.


  1. Sandra: What can you tell us about the Dynamics AX market in Pakistan? Do your work mostly on onsite projects or on remote projects? 

Anas: In the Pakistani local market, there are some ERP implementations but with limited budget. Most local companies aren’t mature enough to implement full-scale ERP due to the heavy solution cost. Usually, the opportunities are with locally-based partners who get AX projects from abroad and do offshore implementations.

For instance, my current employer’s headquarters are in the US. The presales are handled in the USA and the projects are completed offshore. A set of key members are located in Pakistan and we have a USA-based team which gathers the requirements from the clients.

There are a few local partners in Pakistan who handle local projects but most opportunities are remote.


  1. Sandra: Your blog ‘Dynamics AX Insight’ is one of the top 25 Dynamics AX blogs. How did you accomplish this and does your involvement in online communities help you with your career?

Anas: What drove me was self-motivation and the will to contribute to the Dynamics community: a Dynamics blogger’s reward is the appreciation they get from the community. That’s why I was delighted when other blogs ranked me and approached me to let me know that they wanted to include me in the top 25 AX blogs.

My blog gets international traffic from India, the US, Indonesia, Pakistan, the EU… I’ve started it in October 2013 and I now have between 100 and 200 visitors per day.

My active participation in the community brought me in the spotlight. Because of my blog, I got selected as a technical reviewer for the Microsoft Dynamics AX R3 Reporting Cookbook by Packt Publishing (ISBN: 5384EN). It is planned to be published this month.

My responsibilities were to ensure that the code was correct, that the overall content of the book was relevant to the subject matter and that the chapters were in the right sequence. I was also asked to make sure that it was easy enough for readers to be able to understand the content. It was a wonderful experience.


  1. Sandra: Training skills are currently on high demand. How do you use yours? Local training, webinars, training manuals?

Training is actually something I’m working on more and more. My first training experience was for the Director of the IT Department of Kubantea in Russia who approached me after finding my blog. I trained him for a month. And more recently, a training institute based near Hyderabad, India, approached me with an online training opportunity.

I think this involvement in training is a good way for me to grow my professional network.


  1. Sandra: What do you think of the 365 Freelance service? 

Anas: It’s a good website and I like the way you value your resources. It’s good to know that you take time to help consultants with their CVs and I like the efforts you make to promote their profiles.


Sandra: Thank you, Anas! It was great talking to you!



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  1. Nice reading about you Anas, and Best of Luck.



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