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Career changers, build Your Microsoft Technologies Career Plan in 5 steps

Career changers, build Your Microsoft Technologies Career Plan in 5 steps

Career changers, build Your Microsoft Technologies Career Plan in 5 steps

Are you beginning a journey to move to Microsoft technologies from another area or industry? In order to maximise your success, you need to build your Microsoft technologies career plan.

In this plan, you will clarify your vision and goals for your transition, identify the steps to take to get from where you are now to where you want to go, and identify your first small step to get started.

Follow our guide below to build your Microsoft technologies career plan in 5 easy steps.

1 – Make sure that the Microsoft space is right for you

Your very first step in your transition journey is to ensure that the Microsoft ecosystem is the right place for you. The technology world is vast.

What is driving you towards Microsoft specifically? Take some time to think about this, and if you need some guidance to better understand the Microsoft opportunity, check out our webinar recording: Building a Successful Career in the Microsoft Space.

Now, are you confident that you want to transition to Microsoft? Great! Let’s move on to the next step.


2 – Pick your Microsoft technology and role

The Microsoft space offers a wealth of technologies and roles, each with their own skillsets. Which Microsoft technologies are you considering right now? How do they align with your background and aspirations?

Spend some time researching the various Microsoft solution areas, understanding each technology and its benefits, and matching them to your own experience.

If you’re considering Microsoft Business Applications as a career, you can explore this solution area by downloading our career guide to understanding Dynamics 365 applications.


3 – Build a clear vision for your success

In every transition, focus and motivation are your allies. How will you keep yourself committed to the path you have chosen as you go through its steps?

A great way to do this is to build a vision for what your success will look like, and what drives you to achieve it.

Take this vision work as an opportunity to create clarity around your career transition: what do you hope to gain out of it? How will it affect your life? What will you have after you succeed that you don’t have now?


4 – Build your training plan

In order to bring your vision into reality, your first step is to get trained and certified into your chosen Microsoft role and technology.

Here are the elements that must be in your Microsoft technology training plan:

  • A list of the certifications you need to obtain in order to qualify for your chosen role.
  • A list of any pre-requisite training and certifications.
  • Research into your options for getting trained – providers, training formats, pricing.
  • Time frames and training strategies based on your budget and your availability.


5 – Build your job search plan

After you are trained, it’s time to look for a job. By building your job search plan ahead of time, you’ll ensure you are ready to get started quickly.

Here are the elements of a good job search plan:

  • A clear idea of the sort of roles you want to apply for: location, company type, industry…
  • Space and time to update your CV and make it attractive to employers in the Microsoft space. To find out more about creating an effective Microsoft technology CV, check out our guide: Create a powerful Dynamics resume in 7 steps.
  • A list of places you can look for job ads – websites, recruitment platforms etc.
  • Any other resources you need in order to be successful.


If you would like personalised guidance in building your BizApps career plan, book a free consultation with us and get clear steps for a successful transition.

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