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The (dis) honesty of online reviews

The (dis) honesty of online reviews


We were struck recently by this story on the BBC, looking at the prevelance of fake reviews on websites.

Of course those of us working in the tech world have known for a long time that not all reviews are what they’re cracked up to be – but it’s a whole new level when the Competition And Markets Authority gets involved.

The BBC reckons that online reviews influence £23Bn of spend every year – mostly through consumer sites like Checkatrade and TripAdvisor, but also in B2B sites like ours. That’s an awful lot of spend, and unsurprisingly unscrupulous firms have resorted to practices like:

  • Writing fake reviews of themselves to boost their ratings on review sites compared with rivals
  • Writing or commissioning fake negative reviews to undermine rivals, for malicious reasons, or for personal gain.

Read more on the hiredbyme website!



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