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Meet Vojtěch Přehnal, Microsoft Dynamics AX Developer/Technical Consultant

Meet Vojtěch Přehnal, Microsoft Dynamics AX Developer/Technical Consultant


Experience: 6 years on more than 20 ERP projects under his belt

Projects: very flexible but prefers to work for end-users

Freelance or Permanent: flexible but prefers freelancing

Industry focus: Trade and logistics, Financials, Production, keen to get experience in Retail

Markets: On site in Switzerland, Austria, or Germany, or any projects where he can work remotely

Availability: Immediate

Other interests: travelling with his wife and going to rock concerts


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  1. Elena from 365 Freelance: Vojtěch, tell us more about your ideal future role?


Vojtěch: My ideal project would be working for a Dynamics customer and dealing directly with the end-users. I like this because there is no intermediary so my task would be very clear and focussed – I can consult onsite with end-users, I can produce and agree the specification, and then develop what is required either on site or from home. This was the case in my last project and this would work well with other clients as well.


In terms of duration, I prefer long-term projects (from 6 month on), but I am very flexible. I am also very happy to join projects that require a wider range of skills beyond normal X++ development, such as Business intelligence (SSIS/data warehousing, SSRS/reports, SSAS/OLAP cubes), web development (ASP.NET, AIF web services, AJAX), development of integrated .NET components for advanced UI controls (embedded charts, dynamic datagrids, …), database performance optimization and other advanced technical tasks.


  1. Elena: You were a .NET developer to start with, then you became a NAV consultant. Was it easy for you to convert to an AX developer?


Vojtěch – I started in my home country, Czech Republic, as a .NET developer and developed my own metadata-driven ERP system (which I am very proud of) for a global photo software manufacturer. Then I joined local MS partner and gained my first experience in both NAV and AX. It was an exciting time learning so many new things and getting hands-on experience with the most renowned, state of the art products from Microsoft. It was a difficult path, but not impossible. Then I joined another MS partner in Austria where I expanded my AX skills, met a lot of experienced brilliant people and got to know with the German language and culture. Now I am freelancing mostly in German speaking countries and really enjoying it.


  1. Elena: You have worked in many countries – Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland. Is it easy to get freelance projects abroad?


Vojtěch – When you apply for a remote project, you compete not only with the local consultants but also with many contractors from other countries, including developers from India or China who are much cheaper. This can make it very hard, so I focus on bringing better value to the customer in order to be selected for the project. This involves a high-quality X++ development based on my rich experience, providing advanced technical services such as business intelligence or web development, speaking by my customers’ native language (German) and working with my customers and end-users directly on their site. That all for a competitive rate compared to the local consultants. So it’s not generally easy to find a project abroad but it’s manageable. And after all, in German speaking countries I don’t feel like “abroad” anymore ;-)


  1. Elena: What do you like about the 365 Freelance concept?


Vojtěch: I like your individual approach to every consultant, getting to know him or her personally, giving him or her an opportunity to express his thoughts and ideas in a way that he or she wants (not only answering prepared questions and filling all the common forms) and actively promoting him or her on your website, on your blog, on various social networks and also personally to your clients. Last but not least, I like your fair charges, only for introducing the freelancers, not in the form of percentage of their earnings. From this perspective, you have a lot of advantages over the majority of other established Dynamics recruiters.


Elena: Thank you so much, Vojtěch! I really enjoyed talking to you.  


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