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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does access to learning resources cost?

Absolutely nothing. We help Consultants, Students and Graduates of any IT technology gain more skills and get certified, completely free by providing access to online Microsoft Dynamics 365 courses.

If you’d like to benefit from an instructor, we have a pay-for instructor-led course delivery service too. Contact us for more info on this at

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Can I register but remain invisible to others?

If you don’t want to let your current employer know you are looking for another project, you have the option to hide your profile: tick the box Hide Profile during the registration process or in Manage Profile.

Can you help me find a permanent position?

Yes, we can help with permanent hire as well as with contract positions in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Why is 365 Talent Portal different?

We are a specialised Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform that aims to enhance your skills by giving you access to a lot of valuable free training and only display information that is relevant to finding Microsoft Dynamics 365 resources or projects.

We connect you with the right companies directly and you agree on the commercials without involving us.