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We provide you with direct access to a variety of opportunities: freelance or permanent, full-time or part-time, onsite or remote – we can help you find the project you need.



Recruiters don’t get involved in the process.  You can contact our clients directly to express interest in their projects, or be approached by an employer who likes your profile.

Level of experience

Graduate and Junior roles

Many of our clients are looking to hire graduates or Junior consultants and to help them expand their skills. Sign-up with us and start your career as a Microsoft consultant!

Senior and Project Manager positions

Our clients regularly advertise for high-level positions which require extremely experienced consultants with a great technical background or outstanding leadership skills.
Take your career to the next stage!

Type of employment

Contract/Freelance roles

As freelance employment was our original focus, we get a number of contract roles.
Avoid spending time on the bench and get instant access to new contract opportunities!

Permanent positions

We expanded our solution to full time employees to meet the market demand of our customers. If you’re looking for a permanent role, we can help you find the ideal position.



Our worldwide clientele is looking for local consultants across the globe. Search for local projects or find employers who would be happy to help you relocate.


We can help you find employers who are looking for the opportunity to hire highly-skilled consultants who can work for them remotely