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“I think the concept is super: the market needs this kind of service. It gives more exposure to the application environment, to the companies using Dynamics and to other professionals who have experience in that area. It’s a place where Dynamics users can converge – it’s a great idea.”

Teresa Campbell

Senior Dynamics AX Developer, South Africa

“It’s a good website and I like the way you value your resources. It’s good to know that you take time to help consultants with their CVs and I like the efforts you make to promote their profiles.”

Muhammad Anas Khan

Dynamics AX Technical consultant, Pakistan

“I think it’s an excellent idea. It’s something I’d like to congratulate you about. A platform such as yours was dearly needed and I myself thought about building some kind of a freelancer platform in the past.
I know that there are many customers who need excellent consultants but don’t like to have to go through an intermediary to find them. Making an open market of Dynamics freelancers is a great idea. It’s something that I’d love to support in any way that I can.”

Carlos Eduardo Aciego Flores

Dynamics NAV and GP Project Manager, Spain

“I like it. I like that all the details are included in the profile. I find it user-friendly. It’s great that it’s a totally free service for the freelancers. There are good opportunities there.
365 Talent Portal is totally different from other Dynamics career websites. I like that very much. Employers can easily find resources anywhere in the world and freelancers can access job opportunities easily and quickly.
I think it’s a good website for Dynamics professionals.”

BM Venkatesh

business development and implementation specialist in Dynamics NAV, India

“The web site is well done, I find it easy to use and navigate. It’s very professional and I’m sure it will get better.
I like the 365 Talent Portal business model and I’m particularly excited to see a portal of this calibre with a focus on Microsoft Dynamics: it’s really going to help connect end-user organizations with the best people in the Microsoft Dynamics market, wherever they are. It allows contractors to get out and beyond their personal network and geographical area.
I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for the success of 365 Talent Portal. I think it’s a great proposition for end-user organizations as well as independent contractors – and even for partners – to easily and quickly identify and contract top-level resources to supplement their in-house resources and changes in demand.”

Luis X. B. Mourão

Dynamics AX Technical Architect, Switzerland

“I like your individual approach to every consultant, getting to know him or her personally, giving him or her an opportunity to express his thoughts and ideas in a way that he or she wants (not only answering prepared questions and filling all the common forms) and actively promoting him or her on your website, on your blog, on various social networks and also personally to your clients. Last but not least, I like your fair charges, only for introducing the freelancers, not in the form of percentage of their earnings. From this perspective, you have a lot of advantages over the majority of other established Dynamics recruiters.”

Vojtěch Přehnal

Microsoft Dynamics AX Developer/Technical Consultant, Switzerland

“I’ve followed you since launch.  I’m glad you address the need for easier recruitment, as a need always comes because of a problem – in the Dynamics market, a big constraint is that there is a shortage of experienced people, so it is great to have a service like 365 Talent Portal that provides a way for customers and consultants to connect and interact.  It’s very innovative and I think it can help with shortage of resources – a win-win for everybody involved.”

Deepesh Somani

Dynamics CRM Technical Architect, Ireland

“I think your concept is very interesting. I like that your website doesn’t just help consultants find a job, it helps them find the right job. I also like that you are making efforts to promote the consultants’ profiles to potential employers.”

Abhishek Bhattacharya

Dynamics AX Development Lead, Canada

“I like the model. It’s a win-win situation for both parties – which I thought was pretty cool. It’s a similar philosophy to what I’ve been trying to do. I find it user-friendly.
I also like that I’ve seen you’re on social media – there’s a marketing effort there, which is different to what other organisations do.
I like the philosophy of the project, and I like that there’s an element of value for money in a service provider.”

Michael Ferreira

Dynamics CRM solutions provider, Canada

“It’s refreshing to see something like this come up in the market: a place where clients and freelancers or contractors are given a platform to engage directly, thus taking out the middle man.
Agencies can be difficult and problematic to work with at times, as they rarely understand the nature of the expertise freelancers bring. They don’t always understand what clients really want either and they sometimes try to push contractors into roles that aren’t right for them.
I think 365 Talent Portal is a brilliant way forward to further open up these communication channels both for clients and contractors.”

Parvez Ghumra

Dynamics CRM Developer, United Kingdom

“I have seen a lack of transparency between client companies and candidates in contract roles caused by high commission rates charged by the agent to the client. Initiatives like 365 Talent Portal will bring credibility to the freelancers market and make it easier for clients to engage with contractors much faster and more easily.”

Saurin Bharatkumar Shah

Senior Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant, United Kingdom

“You enable the partners/clients to have continuity of the projects. Very often people move on and the project gets stuck – 365 Talent Portal gives instant access to new experts to move on to the next phase of the delivery.
The blog is great as well – it is very informative for our community. You touch on topics that are very relevant to us.
Last but not least, I don’t like the fact that the agencies make so much money out of us. They put us forwards and don’t allow us to have a relationship with the clients except through them. It would be nice if was it a fixed fee and to allow you and the client to agree on the terms but they take too much – practically for all future work with that client.
The 365 Talent Portal idea is great as it cuts out the middle man. Now we can get directly to the clients without involving the agents!”

Michel Mamula

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant, United Kingdom

“The recruiters are only interested in selling as many hours as possible because they want more money. They don’t like it if I tell them I only have 20 hours per week available. With 365 Talent Portal it’s different, you believe in the service, not the quantity. This is a key difference in your concept.
Recruiters often sound rude in their approach because they always tell me what they need me to do. They never ask me what projects I want. 365 Talent Portal is a great platform for freelancers to share what they are looking for. Recruiters don’t listen to the freelancers- they always try to sell more time instead of understanding the consultants or the partners. They are not flexible enough because of the model they use to charge and make money.
I am very happy to go out there to recommend you and involve more people with 365 Talent Portal. I will not do it for the agencies, as I don’t believe in their concept.”

Marc Rademaker

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant and Trainer, Netherlands