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Microsoft Partner Contribution Indicators Exam Plan

Free Microsoft PCI Consultation

We offer you a guided assessment of your training needs for Microsoft PCI

What we will discuss

  • Your current PCI situation: we’ll discuss your ultimate competency goals (Silver or Gold) and assess your current progress with the capability criteria
  • Your PCI questions: we’ll ensure you have a full understanding of the PCI capability points by answering all your questions
  • Your certification strategy: we’ll establish the most suitable training and exam path for you based on the Microsoft Business Applications solutions you cover, your desired timeframe and the experience of your team

Whom you will talk to

  • Elena Baeva, CEO
    • Deep knowledge of the Microsoft channels with over 20 years of working for Microsoft or Microsoft Partners
    • Close relationship with Microsoft Corp and the regional Microsoft offices
    • Trusted advisor –  Active Board member of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP): Global Exec Secretary, Global D&I Chairperson, EMEA Vice-President and UK President
  • Sandra Koutzenko, Director of Training Services
    • Over 6 years of experience as a hiring strategy and career development leader in the Microsoft channel
    • Continued focus on building tailored training and career development strategies for Microsoft Business Applications consultants and Partners
    • Expert in Microsoft training solutions
Microsoft Partner Contribution Indicators

Request a free one-hour consultation on Microsoft PCI and start building a certification plan

Please note: we will fulfill free PCI consultation requests to the extent of our availability – if we receive high volumes of inquiries, we will prioritize on a first-come, first-serve basis (with the exception of those who attended our PCI webinar on 25 February 2021, who will automatically get priority as a bonus for joining).

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USA: +1 415 800 4263

UK: +44 2071 931 455

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