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We‘d love to help if you have a question – But first do have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions as we might have answered it already:


Do I need my credit card to register?
No, you don’t need your credit card to register as a Limited Client member. Your credit card is only needed if you wish to upgrade. However, if you prefer paying by bank transfer, we can arrange this for you. Please contact us at and we’ll send you the instructions.
How much does it cost?
You can find our fees here.
What if I don’t want to pay upfront?
We can work as traditional recruiters and charge you a fixed fee once we’ve found a suitable candidate for you.
Can I pay by bank transfer?
Yes, just let us know and we’ll send you an invoice with the instructions.
Can you help with permanent hire?
Yes, we handle permanent hire as well as contract positions.
How do we save money?
Unlike when consultants are hired via an agency, with the 365 Talent Portal membership there is no recruitment fee, and therefore you can save between 15% and 40% on the day rate for the freelancers or 1st year salary fee for any permanent resource. This way you can have a choice of paying less for the same consultant or pay more for someone more experienced.
How much do the recruitment agencies charge?
It varies but most agencies charge 15-40% of the 1st year salary for permanent hire or 15-40% on top of the daily rate of the freelancers throughout the engagement. So if a UK based consultant’s rate is £500 per day, the agency is likely to charge around £100 per day so the Customer pays £600 for every day the consultant works for them. As we know, most Dynamics projects are medium to long term, so each month at that rate is a £2,000 per month uplift, or £24,000 per year for the recruiter for placing just one contractor. In USA, the rates are hourly so if a client pays $100 per hour, the agency is likely to retain $35 (this is $280 per day, over $67,000 per year). No need to mention that most people hire more than one consultant…
What if I don’t find anyone?
We guarantee success for Gold clients and offer a full refund if we fail to offer at least one person that meets the published requirements. The Refund Policy is explained here.
Can partners promote their resources to End-Users?
Microsoft Dynamics Partners are welcome to register, just like Customers can, to look for resources or advertise for projects BUT not to register or offer their individual consultants. The site is aimed at Dynamics consultants promoting their own services, not for partners to do so. Microsoft partners have their own routes to finding projects. If you feel that any Partner is abusing the site to promote their company, please do contact us to report it.
Are you only focusing on Microsoft Dynamics?
We are mainly focussing on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AX, NAV, GP, RMS plus older versions like SL, C5, XAL, C4 and Apertum. We can also help with the following products: Azure, BizTalk, Exchange, Forefront Identity Management, Intune, Lync, Office 365, Power BI, SQL Server, Visual Studio and Windows Server.
Why is 365 Talent Portal different?
We are a specialised Dynamics platform that aims to address the constant lack of resources on the market. 355 Talent Portal radically changes the way you find talent and the way consultants find you. We cut out the middle-man and allow you to get direct access to thousands of resources. Working closely with Microsoft on graduate Bootcamps, online training and nurturing of the consultants allows us to attract and build close relationship with highly skilled professionals. If you need us to assist, we can appoint one of our account managers to work closely with you and recommend best matches for your requirements. We do all of this for a fraction of the cost that traditional recruiters will charge you.
Can I register but remain invisible to others?
As an End-User we always hide your details and the only information we publish are the projects you advertise (if you have any). We might choose to use your company logo for marketing purposes.
Can I share my login details within my company?
No, your log-in is personal and should not be shared with anybody else. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details.
I am a recruiter, can I sign in to your site?
No, we don’t allow recruiters or agencies access to our site. It is aimed at Microsoft Dynamics Partners or Dynamics end user Customers (as long as they are not recruiters). You can only use the site for your internal business use and not on behalf of another organisation. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details.
I didn’t receive the activation email and can’t log in?
Please check your Junk box as the email is sent to your email immediately. If you still can’t find it, do contact us.