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We‘d love to help if you have a question – But first do have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions as we might have answered it already:

How much does it cost?
It is completely free for students and consultants!
What happens after I register?
Here are some of the great things you can do when you register with us:
Request access to online training through the Dynamics Learning Platform (DLP) 365freelance-icon-yes
Request access to Microsoft resources – Partnersource 365freelance-icon-yes
Create a profile that represents your background and skills 365freelance-icon-yes
Attach your CV and LinkedIn profile 365freelance-icon-yes
Receive free advice on how to improve your profile 365freelance-icon-yes
Update your calendar availability 365freelance-icon-yes
Hide your profile if you don’t want to be seen 365freelance-icon-yes
Apply for jobs and projects 365freelance-icon-yes
Receive enquiries from hiring companies 365freelance-icon-yes
Receive alerts about new training courses, workshops and events 365freelance-icon-yes
Receive alerts about new jobs and projects 365freelance-icon-yes
Exchange contacts with partners and end-users 365freelance-icon-yes
Save favourite partners and end-users 365freelance-icon-yes
Ask for and receive rating 365freelance-icon-yes
Can you help me find a permanent position?
Yes, we can help with permanent hire as well as with contract positions.
What do you mean by “Make More Money”?
Unlike when consultants are hired via an agency, with 365 Talent Portal there is no recruitment fee, and therefore the Customers and Partners will save between 15% and 30% on the day rate or recruitment fee for any particular resource or the first year’s salary. This way they and the consultants often directly agree a higher salary or day rate that benefits both parties.
Do you only help with job searches?
No, we also help students and consultants with training and career development, and we can grant you access to specialized training and information resources if you are an independent consultant.
How do I get access to the specialized training resources?
After registering with us, log-in to your account and click the ‘Learning Platform’ button. You’ll be directed to a page with instructions on how to apply for access.
Are you only focusing on Microsoft Dynamics?
We are mainly focussing on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AX, NAV, GP, RMS plus older versions like SL, C5, XAL, C4 and Apertum. We can also help with the following products: Azure, BizTalk, Exchange, Forefront Identity Management, Intune, Lync, Office 365, Power BI, SQL Server, Visual Studio and Windows Server. However, if you are actively looking for jobs or projects outside of the above area you can still register and put Other in the product description and list exactly which product sets you are referring to. If we get enough demand for the same product sets, we will consider expanding into those areas as well.
Why is 365 Talent Portal different?
We are a specialised Dynamics platform that aims to enhance your skills by giving you access to a lot of valuable free training and only display information that is relevant to finding Dynamics resources or projects. We connect you with the right companies directly and you agree on the commercials without involving us. Our model is based on a membership subscription and we charge the partners and end-users a fraction of what the recruitment agencies do.
How much do the recruitment agencies charge?
It varies but most agencies charge 15-40% of the 1st year salary or on top of the daily rate for contractors throughout the engagement.
Can I register but remain invisible to others?
If you don’t want to let your current employer know you are looking for another project, you have the option to hide your profile: tick the box Hide profile during the registration process or in Manage Profile.
Can I share my login details within other people?
No, your log-in is personal and should not be shared with anybody else. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details.
I am a recruiter, can I sign in to your site?
No, we don’t allow recruiters or agencies access to our site. It is aimed at Dynamics consultants, Microsoft Dynamics Partners or Dynamics end user Customers (as long as they are not recruiters). You can only use the site for your internal business use and not on behalf of another organisation. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.
I didn’t receive the activation email and can’t log in?
Please check your Junk box as the email is sent to your email immediately. If you still can’t find it, do contact us ( ).