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How to Grow your Microsoft BizApps Practice?

Are you an existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner looking to accelerate your practice? Many businesses reach a point where they’re stuck managing daily operations and responding to immediate needs, which often leads to stagnation rather than growth. We know your pain. At 365 Talent Portal, our leaders have worked with BizApps partners for over 20 years and helped them expand. We will guide you with growth models, leadership strategies, and techniques based on best practices from the Microsoft Channel. Growth is not just about a small change, it is a transformation, and we will handhold you through the process.

Microsoft User Training
Microsoft User Training

What Makes our Approach Different?

We know how tough it can be to juggle the daily operations of your BizApps practice while also trying to improve and grow. Our program is designed with this in mind; you will reset your business goals, create growth strategies, and work on their execution over a period of 8 months. This isn’t just another training course that you’ll forget in a few weeks. It’s a hands-on business leadership program where you’ll receive coaching and support as you put what you learn into action.

Why is the BizApps Practice Accelerator so special?

Our programme is all about helping your team work together to grow your Microsoft Dynamics 365 business. Every week, for an hour, you will “work on your business, not in your business”. We will focus on creating Your strategic plans and capitalising on market opportunities. Our programme includes training, coaching, and access to a cohort of like-minded partners, to help you accelerate your practice. It’s a simple way to make sure your whole team is focused and aligned on taking your company forward in a smart way.

So why wait? Join us today and transform your business strategy with the BizzApps Practice Accelerator Programme at 365 Talent Portal.

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Microsoft 365 Net New Talent

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend this program?

This program is designed for company leaders to establish a solid foundation for growth. In the initial phase, we work with leadership to craft a strategic vision and substantiate the business case for expansion. As the program progresses, we systematically involve the marketing, sales, and delivery teams to ensure all aspects of your business align with the growth plan. This inclusive approach ensures that every key player is equipped to contribute to the expansion effectively.

What topics are covered in the program?

Our curriculum is tailored to your company’s needs, focusing on areas that will drive the most growth. Expect to delve into Vision and Strategy, Value Proposition, and Differentiation. We’ll help you identify and understand your Customer Segments and Buyer Persona, refine your Offerings and Intellectual Property, and enhance your Marketing and Sales approach. Additionally, we cover crucial operational aspects like BizApps Delivery Models, Talent Acquisition, Upskilling, Employer Branding, and collaborating with Microsoft. Our holistic approach ensures a comprehensive skill set for scaling your business.

How long is the program, and what does it entail?

The program spans 8 months, during which you’ll dedicate 25 hours to targeted training and coaching. This time investment is strategically spread out to minimize disruption to your daily operations while maximizing learning and application. It’s a commitment to growth, not just in terms of time but also in the adoption of new strategies and practices.

How is the program delivered?

The program is delivered virtually, utilizing Microsoft Teams as a platform to ensure accessibility and convenience for all partners. It consists of weekly one-hour sessions that alternate between training and coaching, carefully scheduled to accommodate holiday periods and provide ample time for the implementation of learned strategies. This structure allows for consistent engagement without overburdening participants, ensuring that each session is both productive and manageable within your existing commitments.

How many partners are included in a cohort?

Our cohorts are intentionally kept small, with 4 to 8 partners, to promote a conducive learning environment. The program includes group training sessions and both group and individual coaching to cater to collective and specific needs. Work is conducted in confidential virtual rooms, ensuring that each partner’s strategies and insights remain private. While the work is individual, the cohort structure encourages accountability and collective growth. Partners benefit from mutual support, fostering a collaborative rather than competitive atmosphere, which amplifies the learning experience and facilitates shared success.

What are the payment options?

Leveraging your Microsoft Co-op funds can be an effective way to finance your participation. We recommend discussing this with us prior to enrollment, as we may have special arrangements with distributors that could provide preferential pricing or access to additional funds. Our goal is to make the payment process as smooth as possible so you can focus on the value the program brings to your business.

How much does it cost?

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