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Microsoft Partner Enablement

Build and Grow a Strong Microsoft Partner Practice

We take away the headaches of operating within the Microsoft ecosystem 

  • No Partner Manager? No problem! 
  • Make sure you leverage all Microsoft Partner Network opportunities 
  • Easily navigate changes to the Microsoft Partner program, such as the new Solution Partner Badges
  • Solve any challenges with your Microsoft Partner account
  • Hassle-free solution – we do the work for you


Are you ready for the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program?

This October 2022, the Microsoft Partner Network becomes the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. With it, Silver/Gold competencies are disappearing and being replaced by Solutions Partner Designations.

Are you prepared for the impact of this change on your Microsoft Partner Practice?

If not, we’re here to help and take care of the transition for you! We can:

  • Audit your Microsoft Partner Centre account for the criteria that will impact your Solutions Partner Designation
  • Give you a full report on where your business is and what you need to do to be ready
  • Implement the changes for you

Get Help With a Specific Challenge

Are you struggling with a specific aspect of your Microsoft Partner practice?

Having an issue with your Microsoft Partner Centre account and not getting the help you need from Microsoft support?

Thrown off by the latest changes Microsoft have made to your competencies and wanting somebody to get your account up to date?

We step in to handle any headaches related to your Microsoft relationship.


Microsoft Partner Practice

Optimize your Microsoft Partner Practice

Are you making the most of your Microsoft Partner Network resources?

Start with an audit and get a clear view of the health of your Microsoft Partner Practice – how optimized are you and where are the gaps you need to close?

Increase opportunities by being visible on the right platforms and easily found by the right clients.

Get everything in place to reach your Solution Partner Badges and be recognized for your expertise.

Start a New Microsoft Partner Practice

Are you interested in the Microsoft opportunity, and unsure how to get started?

Sit back and relax while we take care of your Microsoft Partner registration process.

Get help understanding the various Microsoft Solution areas and deciding where to start.

Set yourself up for success by being listed on the right market places and leveraging the right Microsoft marketing resources.


start Microsoft Partner Practice

What We Can Optimize For You


MPN Benefits

Understand and fully leverage all the benefits you qualify for.


Customer lists, analytics, requesting of reseller relationships, customer associations (CPOR, DPOR, TPOR, PAL).


Incentive earnings, incentive plan enrolment, MCI engagements, co-op funding applications and spend.

Markteplace Offers

Publishing of IP/ consulting services into relevant marketplaces so you can be found by the right clients.


Management of path from ‘Competencies’ to ‘Designations’ and relevant plans to certification, Advanced Specializations, Solution Partner designations.



Co-sell opportunities, lead and referral management, lead qualification, registration of qualifying partner deals with Microsoft for support and visibility.


GTM benefits, co-branded assets, utilisation of cloud consults/ Microsoft marketing engagement offers within Partner Centre.

Community Resources

Attendance at Microsoft Community Calls, partner representation, ‘breaking news’ feedback.


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