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Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is the easiest way to learn products and services through task-based, interactive learning with over 80 hours of free content, localized into 23 different languages, covering Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform with more coming in the future.

With Microsoft Learn you gain access to a  one stop repository for self-paced, guided learning on all of Microsoft’s platform products and services.

Microsoft Learn has grown to include technical documentation for every product and service at Microsoft, from HoloLens to Azure.

Dynamics Learning Platform

The Dynamics Learning Platform (DLP) is the official platform built by Microsoft for the purpose of providing specialized Dynamics 365 training material to Dynamics consultants.

The DLP is a fantastic tool for all Dynamics 365 consultants as it combines all the learning plans, online training, virtual labs, workshops, events and exam preparation guides in one single repository.

This benefit used to only be available to Microsoft employees and Partner employees. Now, through 365 Talent Portal, all consultants and students can benefit from this too.

Become an expert in Microsoft products & services

Technology student or graduate. IT consultant or in a permanent role. Or even a Microsoft consultant wanting to gain more skills, get access via 365 Talent Portal to learning materials, exams and certifications in Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform (Power BI, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow).

Advance or start your career in Microsoft with free self paced learning.

Learn by Doing

Access learning content for Azure, Dynamics 365 & Microsoft Power Platform (Power BI, PowerApps, & Microsoft Flow) on both Microsoft Learn and the Dynamics Learning Platform.

Build a comprehensive skillset with learning paths, step-by-step tutorials, online courses, exam preparation guides, workshop offers and course transcripts.

Build your resume

Take proctored microsoft exams and gain Fundamental, Associate, and Expert level certifications. 

Grow your understanding of Azure, Dynamics 365 & Microsoft Power Platfirm (Power BI, PowerApps & Microsoft Flow).

Track and share your learning accomplishments, certifications and examinations on 365 Talent Portal so top Partners and End Users can contact you with job opportunities. Enhance your resume and apply for jobs.

Achieve your goals

Live your ambition and start applying for contract and permanent roles in Microsoft with your new skills.

Apply directly through our portal to jobs in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with roles ranging from Functional Consultant, Business Analyst, Developer, Solutions Architect and more.

Register, gain access and start or advance your Microsoft career

By registering with 365 Talent Portal you get access to Microsoft learning materials to further your career and/or to cross train into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Register and access learning paths, guides, resources for Students and Consultants such as resume advice, interview preparation, career advice, certifications and more.

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