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Dynamics career guide – understand Dynamics 365 applications

Dynamics career guide – understand Dynamics 365 applications

If you are considering a Dynamics 365 career, you may have been wondering about how you can choose which Dynamics 365 applications to train into.

After all, you are about to invest a lot of time and effort into learning something new, so it’s important that you make an informed decision.

The first step is for you to gain a basic understanding of the ways in which Dynamics 365 applications work. These differences will affect the types of companies you might work with, but also the nature of your role and of your career options.

We regularly receive requests from students and graduates (also, sometimes, from professionals who are thinking of cross-training) for advice on which Dynamics 365 applications to specialise into. So we’ve decided to prepare a guide which provides essential information about each group of applications and what it means to work with them.


How to choose your Dynamics 365 applications

If you want to make a fully informed choice before specialising in an area of Dynamics 365, there are a few essential things you will need to research and to understand.

First, you need to get an overall idea of which applications can be grouped together for the purpose of training and building a career. Then, you will need to get an idea of what group of applications might be the most interesting ones for you to get to know.

Once you know which Dynamics 365 applications might interest you the most, you will need to research the product in more depth. This research will include gathering more information about how the applications work and what makes them interesting; what kind of opportunities they offer within your area and what the specific tasks are that you would be performing while working with them.

Our guide to choosing your Dynamics 365 applications will help you to answer these questions. It will also provide you with a checklist of your next steps, if you’d like to research a specific area more thoroughly.

So don’t wait, find out what kind of Dynamics 365 consultant you could become.

Choose your Dynamics 365 apps!

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