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Purchasing Cloud Applications

Purchasing Cloud Applications

Planning Cloud projects? What you need to know before, during and after.

We all love Digital Transformation and have moved to the Cloud, right?  Well, many organisations haven’t, and many that have do not yet have the truly integrated cloud solutions that can transform their businesses.

One little-known factor is that the Cloud environment is nowhere near as robust and mature as we might all expect.  You need to think differently in many areas – planning, skills, contracts, integration, support and maintenance.  Do you know what all these areas are?

This 45 minute session will show you some surprises, guide you through what you need to consider, no matter where you are one your cloud journey.

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Who is the Webinar aimed at?

This free webinar, presented by Fabrice Rigaux, will provide valuable insights for Implementation Partners, End-Users, Service Delivery Managerand Consultants looking to purchase cloud applications and those who have already purchased.

Before committing to a cloud services provider and an implementation partner, IT execs should understand exactly what resources they have on hand, what exactly they are buying, and how that might be different from what they expected based on a lifetime of on-premise experience.

What will you learn?

  • What is really meant by cloud availability and performance?
  • Contracts – what you need to understand and how to manage contracts
  • Who really is managing your project, and how?
  • Can you get your data in and how do you get it out if you change suppliers?
  • Where, what and how to re-skill

When is it?

This free webinar will run for under an hour on Wednesday July 11th 2018 at 09:00PDT, 11:00CDT, 12:00EDT

Register for the webinar - Fabrice Rigaux


Fabrice Rigaux

About the speaker…

Fabrice Rigaux has a large amount of cloud experience with Dynamics and SAP having worked for more than12 years in partner CSC and 8 years  SAFRAN, a major name in the Aeronautics industry.

He is a certified trainer on Professional Cloud Service Manager from the Cloud Credential Council

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