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Seven steps for creating a great Dynamics job advert

Seven steps for creating a great Dynamics job advert

Times have changed. The Microsoft Dynamics jobs market today is no longer about easily attracting dozens of great applications for your job opening, and simply choosing the best. It’s about great candidates being approached by dozens of employers and recruiters on a regular basis – which means you have to compete with them all and stand out from the crowd.

One way is to create great job adverts. With our seven steps below, and our downloadable full guide, you’ll soon be able to write great Dynamics jobs adverts!  And if you want great tailored advice, sign up with us and advertise on 365 Talent Portal as one of your routes to sourcing great Dynamics talent.


The structure of your Dynamics job advert

A good job advert is built around two main purposes:
1) Ensuring that you get applications from profiles that have a good chance of matching your requirements (and eliminating applicants who don’t fit your criteria).
2) Making great Dynamics candidates want to apply to your role.

To accomplish these purposes, you will need seven key elements:
– An informative title
– An attractive introduction
– A description of the responsibilities for the role
– Information about your company and the benefits of working for you
– A description of your ideal candidate for the role
– Information about the work conditions attached to the role
– How to apply, application deadlines, disclaimers…


1 – How to get started – gather information

Before you start writing your job spec, you should go through a brainstorming phase in which you gather all the information you will be needing.

You can use the below two questions to guide your work:
– What information do the candidates need in order to verify that they are the right fit for the role?
– What information do the candidates need in order to find out if the role is a good opportunity for them?


2 – Focus on the title of your advert

Your job advert’s title is more important than you might think. Many employers don’t put much thought into it, thus losing out on potentially great candidates.

A good job advert title will ensure that the right candidates find and read your advert. It needs to contain the sort of keywords that your ideal candidate would type when searching for a role. It also needs to provide this ideal candidate with enough information to make them want to click and read more. Avoid generic titles like Dynamics AX freelance jobs or Dynamics AX Jobs USA – they are way too generic.  Titles like Dynamics CRM Functional Consultant do not stand out enough. They need more circumstance or description to catch the eye.

So ideally, a job advert title should display the following info:
– The main Dynamics product for the role
– The job title (e.g. functional consultant)
– A few words that show what makes this role stand out from all the other Dynamics roles out there – salaries, location, offers of training, or your company’s brand can all help with this.


3 – Write an introduction paragraph

Your advert needs to include a short introduction paragraph which will allow your candidates to decide whether or not they should keep reading.

The introduction needs to expand on the info provided in your advert title and give a few more elements of information about the role, as well as a few of the main benefits of working with your company.


4 – Describe the role and responsibilities

The next part of your job advert needs to describe the role for which you are advertising, and to list the responsibilities that come with it.

We recommend to divide the Responsibilities section in two parts:
– First, a brief paragraph which puts the role into context. This paragraph should give an overview of the key purpose of the role, as well as some information regarding the company and team in which the successful candidates will be working.
– Second, a bullet point list of the tasks which the successful candidate will be performing with your company.

You need to provide enough information for each candidate to be able to picture what it would be like to work with you in this particular position. Make sure to highlight the tasks that make the role most interesting and exciting.


5 – Add the work conditions and benefits

After you have described the role and its responsibilities, you should provide candidates with as much information as possible about the work conditions and benefits that are attached to the role.

Candidates need to be provided with details about the job’s location, the type of contract they would be under (freelance or permanent), the amount of travelling they would be doing and the salary (or rate) range you are offering. They’ll also be interested to read about any perks or benefits that come with the position.


6 – List the requirements

Once you have described your role, you can start listing its main requirements. Take some time to think about it and be as thorough as you can.

You need to consider the three below areas:
– The main technical and/or functional skills
– The soft skills (like communication or leadership)
– The level of education

Be mindful to scale the level of your requirements to the role’s level of seniority (and salary). You also should ask yourself if each of your requirements is absolutely necessary to performing well in the role at hand.

Consider dividing your requirements between essential skills and desirable skills – if you do, make it clear in the job advert which skills belong in which category.


7 – Tell candidates how to apply

Make sure that the candidates know how and where to send their applications. You can do this by creating a short summary of what makes your role great, and a call to action for candidates to apply.


Learn more about Dynamics jobs advert writing

If this topic interests you, you can download our free guide on how to write a great Dynamics job advert – just click the below button. The guide provides a more detailed step-by-step approach to Microsoft Dynamics job advert writing.

Download your guide to writing Dynamics job adverts



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