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Reduce Dynamics project risk – video on demand

Reduce Dynamics project risk – video on demand

We had over 200 registrants for our session on Thursday 22nd June on how to reduce Dynamics project risk. Louis Geller presented a whole range of learnings and hints gleaned over his long career in multinational IT firms which spanned development, delivery, sales, marketing and general management – experience right across the board.

As with many things, much of the content was reminders of common sense approach which many of us fail to stick to when under time, budget and peer pressure. The central message was :

“Stick to the original business benefits unless there is an absolutely compelling reason to alter the scope”

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You can link to a recording of the entire Dynamics project risk session and view it at your leisure by clicking on the image below. It’s also available on our YouTube channel along with lots of other clips about Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics NAV, PowerBI, and Azure.

This is what the full session encompassed:
· Business processes and requirements come first
· Focus on achieving a healthy ROI, including post-implementation performance measurement
· Get proper support and time from your company executives
· Develop a realistic project plan and implementation timeframe, and stick to it
· Commit strong project management and your best resources to the project – “A team” not “spare team”
· Good and open communication is vital; don’t hide things as they always come out later
· Ensure adequate organizational change management and training
· Limit software customization and challenge change control requests vehemently
· Leverage independent Dynamics expertise – from top Dynamics partners and Dynamics freelancers
· Some handy checklist tools you can download
· Where to find out more

The above is a whistle-stop tour of some key areas in reducing Dynamics project risk. We focus on some simple basics, founded on our experience of Dynamics projects since launch over 15 years ago. We’ll cover certain areas in more depth in future blogs and presentations.

Please have a look at the session for more detail – hope it’s all useful information! At 365 Talent Portal we run web and face to face briefings about Microsoft Dynamics projects on a regular basis. If you have an idea for a particular subject you would like us to cover, please let us know via email here let us know by email here.

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