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Dynamics recruitment: Play the game, don’t pay the game!

Dynamics recruitment: Play the game, don’t pay the game!

I came across a comment on a blog post recently talking about how recruitment agencies treat candidates with a revolving door policy to chase the commission slip. Get them in, get them out, get the money. This person also talks about how third party recruiters sell their networks and how, “It would be so much hard work for you to find the right people through your own efforts in direct hiring.” They describe it as really being a numbers game. As with many people on LinkedIn, it was another negative perception of recruitment.

The truth is that it can be a numbers game! When a third-party recruiter works to find strong candidates for the client, who will ultimately pay them, the strength of their network is all a recruiter can really offer, especially in Dynamics recruitment.

Then LinkedIn came along and changed the game. Here was an amazing networking platform giving you access to so many professionals that it quickly became the tool-of-the-day for the average recruiter. Look at it now though. It has changed-and people aren’t happy. It has become more of a social media platform. Couple that with the fact that it takes a long time trawling through lots of irrelevant profiles looking for very specific skills, and an alternative starts to look very appealing.

Enter 365 Talent Portal, the hub for Dynamics recruitment and careers! We attract consultants by providing them with exclusive access to various Microsoft training tools and materials not available anywhere else on the market. This enables us to offer our clients an entire network of Microsoft Dynamics Consultants, all in one place and growing every day. What’s more, when you post a job advert, which you have an unlimited number of, you can take comfort in the fact that you will not be contacted by a single recruiter. On top of that, when you proactively search using powerful algorithms based on your own parameters to narrow down the 4,000+ registered Dynamics Consultants to a more manageable number, you will only see the profiles of the consultants most relevant to you.

You might say, “We like your model. I mean, where else can I hire as many Microsoft Dynamics Consultants as I like for a small one-off payment? There is one thing I’m concerned about though. What if you don’t have many Dynamics Consultants registered in my country?” My response would be, “Good question!” What we can do for you in that instance is assign a dedicated Talent Sourcing Specialist who can headhunt externally and assist your search.

We are so confident in our model that we even guarantee success. We guarantee that we will deliver at least one hire. If we don’t deliver on this, our clients can claim a full refund at the end of their subscription. This means that we MUST succeed for our clients.

There are good recruiters out there, but people are tired of the traditional recruitment method, as evidenced by the posts, blogs, and comments on LinkedIn. The game is changing. We want to put the power of Dynamics recruitment back into our client’s hands while focusing on nurturing and developing our consultant’s skills and careers at the same time. Recruitment can be a numbers game. With the portal, you are in control of them.

This article was first published on LinkedIn.

About 365 Talent Portal

365 Talent Portal is the online platform that enables thousands of Microsoft Dynamics consultants to improve their technical, consulting, and soft skills, as well as advertise their profiles whenever they choose to look for work. This profile gives Microsoft Dynamics partners and end-users instant, direct access to the consultants if they want to be contacted. With a network spanning 114 countries, 365 Talent Portal allows companies to search for consultants based on their detailed skills, rates and available dates, to find the best consultants for their projects.  Companies can find and employ them on a very low cost model on either a freelance or permanent basis, without incurring the hefty fees typical of recruitment agencies.

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