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Listen to our latest Dynamics 365 update in full

Listen to our latest Dynamics 365 update in full

There is so much happening with Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 that for the second time in a month, we ran a new update seminar with Microsoft UK’s  Bruce Nicholson.  Over 100 of 365 Talent Portal’s CRM consultant members joined Bruce – thanks to you all and especially Bruce – to look at a huge amount of new information given.  You can link to a recording of the entire session and view it at your leisure by clicking on the visual below.

We’ve also split it into bite-sized short clips on the various subjects we covered on our new YouTube channel – have a look at it here.  If you’d like us to keep you informed of future updates, please register at 365 Talent Portal – it’s completely free and you can keep your profile hidden if you prefer.

This is what we the full session encompassed; many of these are also now a standalone bite-sized clip on our new YouTube channel. 





Fall 2016 release update – what’s new in Sales

Relationship Insights – combine Dynamics 365 with Office 365 and Outlook to identify contact trends – eg ‘these people react best to marketing emails at 9am on Monday, these guys at 5pm on Tuesday’ etc



Partner Hub – shared portal for publishing/sharing info with individual customers



Unified Business Processes – a much more visual way of building end-to-end business best practice



Gamification – across service, sales and a nice way to help user adoption (when used thoughtfully)


Fall 2016 release update – what’s new in Customer Service

Much improved analytics and customer insights embedded in CRM, Dynamics 365 and the broader Azure ecosystem



Business Process configuration wizard –



Learning path and gamification – help staff find what they need, quickly, and encourage best practice behaviour by gaming rewards


Fall 2016 release update – what’s new in Field Service

The Field One product acquisition is now fully integrated and easy to set trials up



Connected Field Service – leveraging IoT sensors to further improve service efficiency



Some good Connected Field Service case studies



Resource Scheduling Optimization – great additional tool to manage expensive resources including people



Scheduling Unification – a Resource is now across all project and service functions, where previously there had been different types of resource in different areas.



Customer Communications – using things like Glympse where customers can see where the scheduled technician is and what time he will arrive



Empowered Maps – enable staff like service engineers to easily see turn-by-turn routes, plus helping you identify which nearby resources with the right skills are able to get to the customer before a critical time limit is passed


Fall 2016 release update – what’s new in Project Service Automation

Microsoft Project client integration with Project Service Automation.  Bidirectional, so you can create your high level project work breakdown structure in Dynamics 365 the export it into Project and start using it, or have a PM create the detail plan in Project, and import it into Dynamics 365.



Scheduling Unification – a Resource is now across all project and service functions, where previously there had been different types of resource in different areas.



Exchange Booking Integration



Unified Contracts and Billing with Field Service – forecasting actuals for reconciliation with the finance parts of Dynamics 365.  You can now take leads right through to cash all within Dynamics 365.



Collaborative Portals – give shared insight to partners, customers, third party advisors etc


Fall 2016 release update – what’s new in App Extensibility

Visual Process Designer – leading the way in interactive design, splitting out decisions, hiding fields, workflows, areas that used to take lots of java script, etc. 



Editable Grids – at last after 9 years :).  Now on web and mobile at same time.



Scheduling Unification – a Resource is now across all project and service functions, where previously there had been different types of resource in different areas.



Data Warehouse, Backup and Restore – much more access to SQL where it counts via the Data Export Service which is available via AppSource.  This enables you to choose which data sources you want to export and creates a separate data source in Azure for use in external purposes like Data Warehouses etc.


Fall 2016 release update – what’s new in Operations

Country Specific capabilities



PowerBI Content Pack



Cost Accounting



US Payroll



Product Recommendation – Azure solution



Advanced in-store Warehouse support



Retail Scale Unit



IoS and Android support



Embedded PowerBI: NOTE we will be providing a focussed seminar on this subject in the near future



Easy to Design Mobile Experiences



Data Migration for AX2009


Fall 2016 release update – what’s new in Cloud Servicing

Key Vault – better encryption and management of the encryption keys



Automated Disaster Recovery






Data Center Support – including special provisions for the Canadian Market


PowerApps, Flow etc to Build Your Own…..

Flow is the answer.  What is the question?



Connectors to external sources – Google, Twitter, Sendgrid, and may others via almost codeless connection



Business Application Platform – building modern solutions, fast


Dynamics 365 Adaptability

Common Data Service, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow


Dynamics 365 Key investment areas 2017

User Experience



Customer Insights



Linked In integration (leveraging the $26bn investment that Microsoft made :))



Dynamics 365 Business Edition that can be provided at scale



Extensible and Scalable application platform

Please have a look at the session for more – hope it’s all useful information!

At 365 Talent Portal we run web and face to face briefings about Microsoft Dynamics on a regular basis. If you have an idea for a particular subject you would like us to cover, please let us know via email here.

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