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Maximising BizApps User Adoption Through Training

Maximising BizApps User Adoption Through Training

[eBook] Maximising BizApps User Adoption Through Training 

One of the biggest challenges of implementing Microsoft Business Applications (BizApps) solutions is ensuring that your users actually use them. According to a study by Forrester Research, 70% of CRM projects fail to achieve their expected results, and one of the main reasons is poor user adoption.

If you’ve invested time, effort and money into a BizApps solution, you’re probably eager to be in the 30% who succeed. The good news is, there’s only one thing you need to do right for achieving optimal user adoption: build and deliver a solid BizApps user training plan.

But how do you design and deliver an effective user training strategy for BizApps? What are the different levels of training you need to consider, and who should be involved in each one?

In our eBook, Maximising BizApps User Adoption Through Training, we share our expert tips and best practices for creating a comprehensive and engaging user training plan for your BizApps implementation.


The eBook covers the following topics:

  • The Four Levels of User Trainin
  • The Steps to Build Your User Training Plan
  • Additional Tips for a Successful User Training Plan

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