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Let’s make the Microsoft recruitment sector better

Let’s make the Microsoft recruitment sector better

There is a paradox within the Microsoft recruitment industry: it remains essentially employer-focussed, even though the shortage of specialised skills should naturally make it candidate-centred.  This results in recruitment practices which aren’t satisfactory for the candidates, nor effective for the employer.

Very often, on job-focussed networks and social media channels, we see Microsoft consultants post stories of their disappointing recruitment experiences. Of course, this isn’t a generalised situation. There are great Microsoft recruiters who genuinely care about helping their candidates and who are good at achieving it.

Still, the Microsoft recruitment sector, as a whole, is generating disappointment. It would greatly benefit from a few changes in practices. At 365 Talent Portal, we’ve been striving to drive those changes and to offer a more candidate-centred approach.

We’ve been paying close attention to what the candidates are saying, and we have seen a number of recurring complaints. They include:

– A lack of focus on the candidate’s needs.
– A lack of understanding of the market.
– Too much or not enough communication.
– Dishonest practices and lack of ethics.

We believe that a first step towards a better Microsoft recruitment sector is to provide a platform for Microsoft candidates to express their views on a wider scale. We would like to know more about what you, the consultants, expect from the people who help you with your career. We would like to know more about which recruitment practices you’d like to see disappear, and which services you would like to receive instead.

In that spirit, we’ve put together a short survey for you to share your experience, your pain points and your wishes. This survey is anonymous and it will only take you a few minutes to fill. To share your opinion, please click the below button.

Take the survey

The results will be published in a subsequent blog article. We hope that many of you will participate!


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