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How the next Dynamics 365 product update will empower your sales teams

How the next Dynamics 365 product update will empower your sales teams

As you may already know, Microsoft are now releasing major Dynamics 365 product updates twice a year – in April and in October. The Dynamics 365 October release was announced in July, during the Microsoft Inspire conference.

With the summer holidays almost over, there is no better time than now to catch-up on the latest Dynamics 365 product news! If your company uses Dynamics 365, you’re probably interested in the upcoming features and how they can improve your sales, marketing and customer service teams’ performance.

Here’s a summary and some useful links!


Dynamics 365 product enhancements

The Dynamics 365 October update will introduce hundreds of new features. We won’t go through all of them here, but if you’re curious, you can Download the October ’18 Release Notes PDF.


AI for Sales: prioritize leads and manage your sales teams

Microsoft are introducing a new Dynamics 365 AI for Sales application. Its focus will be on helping sales teams to improve their planning and performances.

It will come with features targeted at sales team members, such as an improved predictive lead scoring. There will also be new features for sales managers, which will make it easier to assess and support their team’s performance.


Improved marketing insights with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The Dynamics 365 October release promises a deeper integration with other products commonly used by sales and marketing teams.

The first of these products is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The improved integration will allow marketing teams to access LinkedIn insights about their Dynamics 365 contacts. These insights will make it easier to engage with current leads, but also to expand your network in a way that will support your marketing efforts.


Improved Sales Team collaboration

With the October release, it will also be possible for sales teams to access Dynamics 365 for Sales directly from Microsoft Teams.


But that’s not all!

These are only some of the most interesting upcoming features which are targeted at sales and marketing teams. Microsoft have a lot more in store, from overall performance improvements to mixed reality capabilities.

If you’d like more information – without reading the full product release notes – here is a selection of interesting articles!

October ’18 release overview – Microsoft Docs

Dynamics 365 October 2018 Release Overview – Microsoft Dynamics Community

Microsoft Business Applications Summit – Previewing what’s next


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