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Leave the Microsoft skill gap problem behind

Join the ranks of forward-thinking Microsoft space employers and solve your talent gap issue.

Are you routinely struggling to meet your customer demands because of lack of skilled Microsoft talent?

How would your business benefit from a steady source of bright, Microsoft-Certified consultants with a wealth of relevant industry experience?

All that can be achieved through an effective and sustainable net new Microsoft talent creation program. This allows you to hire faster and more cost-effectively, get more loyalty from your employees and improve your diversity and inclusion.


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Microsoft Skills Gap

Traditional talent solutions just don’t work in the Microsoft space

Stop churning the same old talent pool and competing with other Microsoft partners for top talent.

Is your Microsoft talent hire cycle long and expensive? Does your organisation suffer from a high turnover? Traditional hiring only churns the existing Microsoft talent pool, artificially increasing salaries without bringing additional value.

And yet, it’s hard to hire outside of the existing pool, because existing Microsoft training solutions aren’t adapted to this method of sourcing talent – they are either too expensive, or not supportive enough for net new talent to thrive.

Create new Microsoft talent with strong industry experience

Harness the power of industry knowledge and transferrable skills to build a whole new Microsoft talent pool tailored to your needs.

Industry knowledge takes much longer to pick up than technical skills. With our career changer program, target people with great soft skills and transferrable knowledge.

We get them trained and certified via a guided self-paced approach over 10 to 15 weeks, while they learn your business and best practices. Your new hires get support and certification success, you get to keep your internal resources focused on implementation rather than onboarding and training.

This approach not only reduces the cost and length of your hiring cycle, it also increases the diversity of your work force. 

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How does it work?


Identify Your Ideal Career Changer

Define the industry background and soft skills your ideal candidate needs in order to shine in your organisation. We guide you through the process.


Hire the Right Net New Talent

With our support, easily build an internal talent strategy to target, screen and hire your ideal career changer – or ask us to find them for you.


Get Your Hires Trained Flexibly

Our guided self-paced training programs adjust to your required topics & preferred training pace for an optimal onboarding and upskilling of your resources.


What are the benefits of a guided self-paced approach over traditional instructor-led training?

A first big upside is affordability! By reducing instructor time, we have reduced the cost per individual trained to about 60% from regular instructor-led training. This makes it easier for employers to hire and train regularly and sustainably outside of the Microsoft ecosystem.

The guided self-paced approach is also great for net new talent, giving them the time to absorb product knowlege while they get used to your business, teams and clients.

What is included in the Net New Talent training program?

In our program, we include:

  • All Microsoft courses from Fundamentals to Associate level for your chosen Microsoft product and role
  • Detailed learning paths for each course
  • Hands-on labs and corresponding environments
  • Weekly group coaching sessions to ensure the trainees stay on track
  • One hour of certification exam prep with an MCT for each certification
  • Microsoft Ecosystem Success training
Do I need to find/hire net new talent for you to train, or do you take care of the hiring too?

We can do both!

If you’re already successfully hiring net new talent and need a systematic solution to get them trained, we can build and deliver an appropriate program for you.

If you want support with the hiring, our team of expert recruiters can work with you to find your ideal net new talent candidates, whom we’ll then train for you.

How much money will I save by training with you?

It depends on your target role, though you can expect to save at last 60% on training and certification costs by using our assisted self-paced training approach from what you’d pay for traditional instructor-led training.

What if I want a tailored training program combining different technologies for my new talent?

We cover that too. We can build custom programs for you that combine different technologies, such as Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Power Platform.

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