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Beating Dynamics deadlines under real time pressure

Beating Dynamics deadlines under real time pressure

Redstor is a leading global provider of cloud backup and disaster recovery software and solutions. Apart from excellent service and reliability, a key part of this success is that Redstor is flexible and easy to deal with something their network of partners and resellers can testify to. Redstor provides excellent billing, customer service and management console systems, much of which is moving to a Microsoft Dynamics platform.  When part of the long-term project to migrate was faced with some fast-approaching key deadlines, Redstor reached out to 365 Talent Portal to help with focussed Dynamics resource.  To tell us their story, we spoke with Marco Peruch who was the hiring manager, and one of the key members of the project team that covers South Africa and the UK.

The Organisation 

Marco Peruch, Business Analyst 

LocationFlag_of_South_AfricaSouth Africa and UK

What Marco says:

“I can’t think of anything 365TP can improve; the whole experience was really enjoyable.”

What was the project you were working on?

We’ve been delivering a massive ERP and CRM replacement project, which I’ve been involved with for a long time now.  Some parts of it are pretty intricate and specific to our business, so of course we had to customise Dynamics to match our exact needs.

That’s business as usual really, so why did that affect your project?

Well, we had the chance to save some money!  The renewal payments for the systems we were replacing were coming due imminently, so to avoid that, we were pretty much up against the wall on a specific piece of work.  There were a couple of us working on that part of the project, but we realised that with some extra expert help, we could do it.

What made you come to 365 Talent Portal?

Actually, I searched on the web for Microsoft Dynamics contractors, and found 365 Talent Portal.  I contacted you and some other guys, but as you were so responsive, I ended up only talking with you about our project.

Glad to hear we were on the ball…..

Well, what I particularly liked was the flexibility –  your team gave me the choice of searching your database directly ourselves and making a hire, or us paying you a small charge to do the legwork for us.  That was perfect as I’d been directed by my boss to see if I could get someone fast, at a reasonable cost, but not to spend too much time on it as I had to focus on the project deadlines.

What happened next?

Your team sent a few CVs across, not too many, as all were a good fit.  We could easily look through them, select who we were interested in, then start the talking and hiring process and hire who we needed.  They had started work within 3 weeks of us kicking off the process.

Where there any specific skills or circumstances you were looking for?

Originally, because of the pressing timescales, we thought we would look for someone who could work on site with us in our Johannesburg office.  Our feeling was that that would get better results, faster, because of the working relationship we could build.  As it turned out, we worked with you to widen our net and hired a consultant who was based in the UK.  The remote working went really well and didn’t give us any issues at all.  It was as if they were working face to face.

Has that made a change to the way you think?

You’d told me it was becoming a very common way of working, especially in large territories like the USA.  If the consultant is good enough, it can work just as you’d hope and suit everyone well.

So did you hit your targets?

Yes.  The project itself is still ongoing, but that key part was ready in time and didn’t have to renew the licences on our old system for another year.  That saved quite a bit of money.

How do you think 365 Talent Portal is different from recruiters?

I really liked your responsive engagement, and the fact that the suggested CVs were small in number but appropriate.  We found what we needed very quickly and smoothly.  I enjoyed the process a lot….. 

Well, that’s not something most people hear about a hiring process – thanks very much Marco and good luck with the rest of the project. 

About Redstor

Redstor is a leading global provider of cloud backup and disaster recovery software and services.  Back in 2001, the leadership team realised that for financial, operational or risk mitigation reasons, it was not always in the customer’s best interest to manage their own data storage. Redstor became experts in designing and implementing storage solutions, then started to act as an outsourced storage administrator, monitoring and managing a company’s on-premise storage.  In 2008, getting in early on the cloud offered excellent opportunities to expand and by 2014, Redstor had over 10000 clients with 90% of revenue on a recurring basis.  The company has since consolidated a global presence with the addition of its South African operation.

About 365 Talent Portal

365 Talent Portal is the first online platform that enables thousands of Microsoft Dynamics consultants to improve their technical, consulting, and soft skills, as well as advertise their profiles whenever they choose to look for work. This profile gives Microsoft Dynamics partners and end-users instant, direct access to the consultants if they want to be contacted. With a network spanning 114 countries, 365 Talent Portal allows companies to search for consultants based on their detailed skills, rates and available dates, to find the best consultants for their projects.  Companies can find and employ them on a very low cost model on either a freelance or permanent basis, without incurring the hefty fees typical of recruitment agencies. To find and hire excellent Dynamics resource, please go to email or call us on +44 2071 931 455 (UK) or +1 415 800 4263 (USA)



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