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Celebrating 10 Years in the Microsoft Space

Celebrating 10 Years in the Microsoft Space

Celebrating 10 Years in the Microsoft Space

Revitalised vision, redefined values: Unveiling a new identity!

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary at 365 Talent Portal, we are taking a moment to look back at our amazing journey – it’s been a mix of learning, triumphs, and, honestly, a whole lot of fun!

The past decade has shaped us in ways we couldn’t have imagined, bringing us to an exciting point: giving our brand a fresh, modern twist.

We’ve designed a new logo that’s more than just a new image. It symbolises a gateway to exceptional professional heights, a start of journeys towards success and personal growth, all under our expert guidance. The design? Think of a lifebuoy – it’s all about trust, empowerment, and teamwork. It represents our commitment to growing together, embracing inclusivity, and striving for excellence.

This brand refresh isn’t just about a pretty logo; it’s a big, bold statement about where we’re headed and what we stand for. The transition from the old to this new expanded vision. We’re not just about training and recruiting; we’re about nurturing a community where everyone thrives.

So, here’s our invite to you: Come aboard this new chapter with us.

Take a peek at our updated website, get a feel of our new vibe, and find out how 365 Talent Portal can be your partner in growth. Whether you’re growing capacity or capability, seeking talent or career advancement, we’re here to guide you through every step.

Here is to New Beginnings: Let’s Celebrate & Explore Together

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