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Employer Brand: how to communicate it effectively

Would you like to learn about where and how you should promote your employer brand effectively?

Part 3 out of 3

Where to promote your employer brand

Now that you’ve outlined the employee value proposition, you need to promote it on 3 key channels:

1. Add it to every job spec you create.

2. Publish it on your website. Go to your Careers page and create a section called “Why join us”.

3. Post on Social media: your LinkedIn company page, Facebook, Instagram, etc.. Very importantly, encourage your employees to share it with their network. 

How to promote your employer brand

There are different types of information you can promote: your new web page, blog articles that talk about your employee value proposition, photos of your employees or the team, etc..

Video content is becoming very effective and has higher engagement rate. Create a number of short videos: minimum of three: first with your company leader, second with someone who has had a stellar career in your team, and a third one from someone who joined recently. The videos can be 1-2 minutes long each and here are some questions you can use for inspiration:

  • Why did you join our company?
  • What do you love about working here?
  • How would you characterize your fellow employees?
  • Describe the culture / workplace in three words?
  • Describe your typical working day.
  • Tell us about an exciting project you are working on.
  • Why do you stay with our company?

These videos don’t need to be professional. You can do them on your smart phone in the office as this will make your company look less corporate but more fun and approachable.

Once you have these videos, they can go on your website and, very importantly, on your social media.

If you post them from your company account, tag your employees. Or even better, they can post the videos themselves and # your company and tag their colleagues.

Your videos will get lots of likes and shares, they will get seen by potential candidates who would be much more likely to apply for your jobs

The below two guides go into more detail of WHY you need to build your employer brand and HOW to build an employee value proposition. 


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We hope you find these guides useful. It is not difficult to build an employer brand on your own but if you need advice on how to get started or go through the steps, we are here to guide you. 

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