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Derisking Projects for Dynamics End Users

Derisking Projects for Dynamics End Users

CRM and ERP projects still often fail, or overrun, or don’t achieve what they were intended to.  How can you plan and manage successful CRM and ERP projects? There are many factors, and people can speak for days about planning, methodology, stakeholders, contingency, communication, and so on.

This session won’t do that.  Instead, we will focus on some simple basics, founded on our experience of Dynamics projects since launch over 15 years ago.  And we’ll provide some simple-to-use tools you can takeaway afterwards.

Join Louis Geller, one of our non-execs, who will show you how you can make a real difference, starting today.  Louis has held CEO, Sales, Delivery, and Alliances Director roles in some of the world’s largest IT organisations including Microsoft, VMWARE and HP.   In nearly every role, he found unnecessarily cumbersome systems and over engineered processes, usually implemented at significant cost, that added no value to the customer.  None of us want that ever again.  Learn how to avoid it in this focused webinar.

Louis will be giving some great insights from his long career and telling a story of:

  • Reducing risk to make your Dynamics project a successLouis Geller
  • Danger signals and what to do about them
  • Building your internal Dynamics team – right size, right price
  • Working better with Dynamics partners
  • Some simple tools you can start using today
  • Saving money and looking good


Please register below to join Louis for this informative live webinar on

Thursday, the 22nd of June at 13:00-14:00 BST (12:00 GMT, 18:30 IST, 21:00 SGT, 12:00 AEDT, 08:00 EST.

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About us: 365 Talent Portal is the online platform that enables thousands of Microsoft Dynamics consultants to improve their technical, consulting, and soft skills, as well as advertise their profiles whenever they choose to look for work. This profile gives Microsoft Dynamics partners and end-users instant, direct access to the consultants if they want to be contacted. With a network spanning 118 countries, 365 Talent Portal allows companies to search for consultants based on their detailed skills, rates and available dates, to find the best consultants for their projects.  Companies can find and employ them on a very low cost model on either a freelance or permanent basis, without incurring the hefty fees typical of recruitment agencies. To find and hire excellent Dynamics resource, please go to


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