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Dynamics 365, Bots, Cognitive Services and so much more

Dynamics 365, Bots, Cognitive Services and so much more

Dynamics 365 is evolving so fast.  When Microsoft announced that they were ramping up the release cadence of new features in the Dynamics CRM and ERP products a few years ago, we were delighted but had no idea that they meant this fast.  There is so much happening, and a great measure is that we just had an action-packed hour seminar with Microsoft UK’s  Bruce Nicholson where we ran through a large amount of new info, updates and news including Dynamics 365, Bots, Cognitive Services, Customer Insights – and still only covered about half of what is coming out.  We’re arranging a follow up event for late Feb so look out for that.

Enormous thanks to Bruce and the 65 of 365 Talent Portal’s CRM consultants who made this a lively and fun educational session.  There was a lot of information given.  We’ve split it into bite-sized short video clips by subject area in a playlist on our YouTube Channel, or you can have a look at the whole session at leisure by clicking on the image below.

Highlight areas and focus included:

  • A run through of the Dynamics 365 structure and apps: sales, customer service, operations, marketing, project service automation and field service
  • A brief (I promise) update on licencing for Enterprise Edition – now including PowerApps and Flow
  • Processes that extend to the whole of your business – these now can run end to end from initial lead to invoice and cash collection. That’s almost unique.
  • Dynamics 365 working with Office 365
  • Dynamics 365 and Cortana Intelligence
  • How the Customer Insights Azure service really enables firms to plan logistics and customer service – a good example from Marston’s, and how CI works with Dynamics CRM.
  • A great demo on Bots & Cognitive Services in action across a whole range of applications including Skype and CRM.
  • The Common Data Service (Common Data Model)

It’s all good stuff.  Have a look at the session for more – hope it’s all useful information!

At 365 Talent Portal we run web and face to face briefings about Microsoft Dynamics on a regular basis. If you have an idea for a particular subject you would like us to cover, please let us know via email here.

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