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How to improve the Microsoft recruitment sector

How to improve the Microsoft recruitment sector

How can we improve the Microsoft recruitment sector so that candidates get better representation, and employers get better candidates? A few weeks ago, we launched a survey to ask this question to the Microsoft consultant community.

This article offers the detail of the first set of results from our survey, as well as ways that employers, recruiters and candidates can leverage the information we collected in order to generate a better hiring experience for everyone involved.

What’s the value of this Microsoft recruitment survey?

There is a shortage of the niche skills needed in the Microsoft job market. This means that the best candidates have tons of attractive job offers to choose from. Understanding what these skilled professionals want is the first step to helping employers to hire them in a model which benefits both parties.

Our survey covered a wide variety of areas, focussing on what matters to the Microsoft candidates and how best to engage with them for a successful hiring experience.


What can you learn from it?

The survey results are organised in the following categories:

– How Microsoft candidates find their new roles
– What Microsoft candidates expect from a job advert
– What Microsoft candidates expect from a recruiter
– What Microsoft recruiters should improve according to the candidates

Alongside with the survey results, we offer several ideas and suggestions on how this feedback can be leveraged to build more effective hiring processes. The survey results also include several tools to help Microsoft employers and Microsoft candidates.


Microsoft recruitment survey results

The below button will take you to the survey download page.

Download the survey results

As we want to keep hearing from you, we will keep this survey running and regularly post updated results. If you haven’t taken it yet, please share your thoughts!

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