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Microsoft Inspire 2017 main announcements and resources (Day 1)

Microsoft Inspire 2017 main announcements and resources (Day 1)

Microsoft Inspire kicked off on Sunday 9th, and there are already many exciting news and announcements to share. Elena Baeva (365 Talent Portal CEO) and Steve Sydee (365 Talent Portal COO) are delighted to be there. Here are the Microsoft Inspire 2017 main announcements so far.


Partner Focus: One Commercial Partner

Microsoft are bringing together all of their company’s partner-focussed teams into one organisation called One Commercial Partner.

With this initiative, Microsoft are intending to bring even more support to their Partners when it comes to marketing, selling and delivering their solutions to customers.

Read all the details in Ron Huddleston’s blog article: One Commercial Partner: Putting Partners First.


Microsoft 365

One of the biggest announcements from this year’s Inspire conference is the introduction of Microsoft 365: a new business solution which includes Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

There will be two versions of Microsoft 365: Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft 365 Enterprise.


Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft 365 Business is designed for small and mid-sized businesses. Its public preview has been announced for August 2nd 2017, and its general availability is planned for this autumn.

Three new business applications have also been announced: Microsoft Connections (for email marketing), Microsoft Listings (for publishing business information on selected websites) and Microsoft Invoicing (an app that will make it easier to create invoices). These new applications will be included in Microsoft 365 Business and in Office 365 Premium.

Additional information about Microsoft 365 Business:
– Microsoft 365 Business official website.
– Details about Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Listings and Microsoft Invoicing: New business apps in Office 365 Business Premium help you run and grow your small business.


Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Targeted at large organisations, Microsoft 365 Enterprise combines the resources of AI, machine learning, flexible apps and cross-devices functionalities.

For more details about the features of this new product, take a look at the Microsoft 365 Enterprise website.


Online resources

Read Microsoft’s official announcement: Introducing Microsoft 365.
Take a look at the Microsoft 365 website.


Keep up to date with Inspire 2017 main announcements and news

Here are a few useful links you can use to be informed of the latest Inspire 2017 news:
Microsoft Inspire live stream
Microsoft Inspire – latest updates and blog articles
Microsoft Inspire – watch the keynotes (the sessions from Inspire 2017 will be available soon, keep an eye on this page!)

And to always be notified of the latest Microsoft news and benefit from Microsoft career resources, register with 365 Talent Portal.


Prepare for next year’s Inspire conference!

The details Microsoft Inspire 2018 has already been announced: it will take place on July 15-19 2018, in Las Vegas (Nevada). You can already register for Inspire 2018 – if you do it before July 17th 2017, you can benefit from an early bird discount on your All Access pass!


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