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Six free tools to accelerate your Microsoft career

Six free tools to accelerate your Microsoft career
Microsoft Dynamics consultants need easy access to a variety of Microsoft career tools.

To keep your Dynamics skills up to date, you need Microsoft online learning resources. To validate your knowledge, you need Microsoft certification exam preparation guides. To deliver the best services to your employers or customers, you need access to Microsoft professional tools. And to find the perfect Dynamics jobs or contracts, you need a specialized Microsoft job board.

Well, we can help you with all of that. We understand the challenges that Microsoft Dynamics Consultants face, which is why we offer several free Microsoft career tools to our members.  Sign in to our portal and you will see an updated area:

Dashboard Microsoft Online Learning

The links will only work only for our registered members – but it makes sense to sign up as it is completely free. Join the thousands of consultants who already use these great services.

Find Microsoft Dynamics jobs and Dynamics contracts

Our job board gives our registered members exclusive access to a wealth of Microsoft Dynamics jobs and Dynamics contracts worldwide (with a great many roles based in the UK and in North America).

All Microsoft Dynamics consultants registered with 365 Talent Portal can:

– Receive notifications of any new roles that match their skills and wishes

– Access the associated job specs and company details

– Apply directly (with no recruiter or intermediary hassling you)

– Receive help and support from our team in the hiring process if they so wish.

Optimise your Microsoft job search & get better Microsoft Dynamics jobs

As a Microsoft Dynamics consultant, you probably have many sought-after Dynamics skills. However, it’s not always easy to convey this through a CV or an online profile, especially if selling yourself isn’t your forte, as is the case for many Dynamics consultants.

Our guides for job seekers help you to secure better Microsoft Dynamics jobs or contracts by highlighting what employers who want to hire Dynamics consultants are looking for, and giving you easy tips on how you can advertise your most valuable skills.

Access free Dynamics training and Dynamics certification prep

A new Dynamics Training & Certification section brings together all the training and professional resources we provide for Microsoft Dynamics consultants. This includes free access to specialised Microsoft online learning and professional tools.

Take your Microsoft certification exams online

Our Online Proctored Exams page gives you a quick and easy access to taking your Microsoft Dynamics certification exams online.

Start or accelerate your Microsoft Azure career

Through our new Azure Training & Resources page, you will get links to all the major Microsoft Azure training and professional tools available online. This is invaluable both to Microsoft consultants who are getting started with Azure, and consultants who would like to keep Azure skills up to date as they may be considering more focussed Azure jobs.

Access the best Microsoft websites to match your role

Whether you are a top Dynamics consultant, one of the best Dynamics partners, or one of the millions of Dynamics End Users, there are many, many useful Microsoft websites, resources and services which can make your professional life a lot easier.  The trouble is that there are so many!  How can you find what suits you?

Well, we have gathered them all for you in our new Top Microsoft Websites page. This list will be constantly updated as we find new resources useful to you.

The Top Microsoft Web sites page gathers all the main and best Microsoft websites that will be useful to you as a Microsoft consultant, including:

– Training websites

– Customer support resources

– Professional tools

– Demo tools

– Professional communities

Even more Microsoft career tools coming up

This is only the beginning! We are preparing many more guides and professional tools for Microsoft consultants.

Register now (it’s completely free for consultants) and, on top of accessing all the services we’ve listed here, be the first to benefit from all the new Microsoft career tools.

Register with 365 Talent Portal

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