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Fast facts – Microsoft Inspire 2017 summary

Fast facts – Microsoft Inspire 2017 summary

After many action-packed, exciting sessions, Microsoft Inspire 2017 – the new brand name for what was Microsoft WPC (the annual worldwide partner conference) – has come to an end in Washington DC. Elena and Steve from 365 Talent Portal’s exec team were there with lots of Microsoft’s top Microsoft partners and many Dynamics consultants from around the world.  There’s a huge amount of exciting news to share in our Microsoft inspire 2017 summary here; for easy access to lots of useful material available on our portal, see the bottom of this page.

Here is our summary of the main Inspire 2017 themes and announcements, links to the main Inspire 2017 news websites, blog articles and keynote videos, as well as registration information for Microsoft Inspire 2018.  We’ve also a vast amount of additional material on our info pages so for example if you are looking for Dynamics Partner support, or Microsoft Dynamics AX training, or maybe Microsoft Dynamics jobs, please have a look.

Microsoft Inspire 2017 summary highlights and keynote videos

Inspire 2017 – Day 1

Microsoft Inspire Day 1 Highlights – July 10 2017 – Video
Microsoft Inspire Day 1 Vision Keynote – Video
Satya Nadella – Our Opportunity Together – Video
Microsoft Inspire 2017 main announcements and resources (Day 1) – Blog article

Inspire 2017 – Day 2

Microsoft Inspire Day 2 Highlights – July 11 2017 – Video
Microsoft Inspire Day 2 Vision Keynote – Video

Inspire 2017 – Day 3

Microsoft Inspire Day 3 Highlights – July 12 2017 – Video
Microsoft Inspire Day 3 Vision Keynote – Video

Microsoft Inspire 2017 summary – main announcements

Microsoft 365 & new Office 365 business apps

A new business solution, Microsoft 365, includes Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Companies will be able to choose between Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft 365 Enterprise.

Microsoft 365 Business will include three new business applications for Microsoft Office: Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Listings and Microsoft Invoicing. You can read the details here: New business apps in Office 365 Business Premium help you run and grow your small business.

Microsoft 365 links and information:
– Microsoft’s official announcement: Introducing Microsoft 365.
– Microsoft 365 portal website
Microsoft 365 Business  website
Microsoft 365 Enterprise website

Cloud – Microsoft Azure Stack

This is one of the most exciting announcements of the Inspire 2017 conference: Microsoft Azure Stack is now ready to order. This new hybrid Cloud solution will bring Cloud capabilities to on-premises environments.

This announcement was declined in three important news:
– Customers can now order Azure Stack integrated systems.
– The pricing and availability for Azure Stack have been released.
– The Azure Stack Development Kit can now be downloaded (it is free and can be used to test applications before deployment).

For full details about Microsoft Azure Stack, read: Microsoft Azure Stack is ready to order now on the Microsoft Azure website.

Increased Microsoft Partner support focus

During this year’s conference, Microsoft strongly insisted on their plans to increase their focus on further helping their partners to find customers and deliver solutions. Several interesting projects were announced to this effect.

Many of these new Partner-related announcements are detailed in Microsoft’s blog article: Microsoft puts partners at the center of $4.5 trillion transformation opportunity. For a quick summary of each and topic-focussed links, see below.

One Commercial Partner is a new organisation which gathers all of Microsoft’s Partner teams. Its focus is to make sure Microsoft Partners have everything they need to make the most of the digital transformation opportunity. For more information, read One Commercial Partner: Putting Partners First.

A new Partner program, ISV Cloud Embed, will help Partners to improve existing business apps and to create new ones. This program works across Dynamics 365, Power BI, Power Apps and Microsoft Flow – allowing Partners to buy core capabilities from each and to build custom business solutions on Microsoft’s business applications platform. Read the details here: Helping partners innovate in business applications.

Microsoft also announced the expansion of the Mixed Reality Partner Program. Systems Integrators and digital agencies worldwide can now get access to Microsoft’s HoloLens Agency Readiness program. The readiness program provides Partners with training and resources that allow them to develop and deliver mixed-reality solutions. Full details here: We’re expanding the Mixed Reality Partner Program.

CSP will now include Windows 10 virtualisation rights, starting in September. For details, read: Windows virtualization use rights coming to CSP.

Microsoft are increasing their focus on Surface devices by bringing additional services and support to their Surface Partners. Everything is explained in this article: Now is the best time to be a Surface partner.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 news

Several Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates were shared during the Inspire 2017 conference. You can read them all here: Microsoft Dynamics 365 July 2017 Update.

Microsoft Inspire 2017 summary – online resources

All the Microsoft Inspire 2017 summary and detail official announcements, blog articles and videos can be found on the below two pages:

Microsoft Inspire 2018 – early bird registration already open

Next year’s Inspire conference has already been announced. It will take place between July 15th and July 19th 2018, in Las Vegas (Nevada).

You can already register on the Microsoft Inspire page.

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