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Five reasons to jump on this year’s Free Microsoft eBook giveaway

Five reasons to jump on this year’s Free Microsoft eBook giveaway

Every year, Microsoft’s Sales Excellence Director, Eric Ligman, organises a massive free Microsoft eBook giveaway. This year’s giveaway has started, and whether you are a top Microsoft Partner, a Microsoft consultant or a Microsoft End-user, you don’t want to miss it!  And as one of the top Microsoft web sites, we’ll make sure you don’t!

There are many free Microsoft eBooks available this year, spanning a wide range of Microsoft products, and offering a variety of professional resources, step by step guides and reference guides.

Here are five reasons why you don’t want to miss this opportunity.


1 – No matter what your Microsoft products of expertise are, there will be a free Microsoft eBook for you.

If you want to be a top Dynamics consultant, or whatever your main product of expertise is, you are very likely to find valuable documents in this year’s free Microsoft eBook list. There are several eBooks for each of the below Microsoft products (and more):

– Microsoft Azure
– BizTalk
– Microsoft Cloud
– .NET
– Visual Studio
– Agile
– Microsoft Dynamics
– Microsoft Office
– Power BI
– PowerShell
– SharePoint
– SQL Server
– System Center
– Windows Client
– Windows Server


2 – Access a high quality selection of free Microsoft eBooks.

This year’s selection includes exciting recent content, as well as some of the most successful Microsoft eBooks from the previous years.  It’s a fantastic source of information if you want to accelerate your Microsoft career.


3 – You get the full version of each eBook.

These free Microsoft eBooks aren’t a temporary gift that stops working after a certain time – they are the full versions, which you can keep using for as long as you want.


4 – You can choose the format of your eBooks

Many of the eBooks available can be downloaded in a variety of formats: PDF, MOBI, EPUB, DOC, XPS.


5 – You can download as many as you want

There is no limit to the amount of eBooks you can download – there is even a guide that helps you to download them all at once if you so wish.  It’s free online Dynamics training, with many other products covered as well.


How to get the free Microsoft eBooks

To benefit from all this, go to Eric Ligman’s blog article: Largest Microsoft eBook Giveaway! This will give you access to the full list of eBooks, download links, download guides and FAQ.


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