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30+ Essential websites for your Microsoft Dynamics career

30+ Essential websites for your Microsoft Dynamics career

The thousands of Microsoft Dynamics consultants who are registered with us often report the need for easier access to Microsoft Dynamics career tools. They tell us how greatly they would benefit from easy access to online free Dynamics training, or to Microsoft professional resources.

This is particularly true for Microsoft Dynamics Freelancers, or any Dynamics consultant who doesn’t have access to the wealth of professional tools which are available to Microsoft Partner employees.

This is why 365 Talent Portal have put together a list of over 30 essential websites which can help Dynamics consultants to make their Microsoft careers thrive.

What kind of Microsoft career tools can you benefit from?

Over the past several years – and even more so over the past several months – Microsoft have been creating and releasing many websites, online pages and online services which can greatly benefit Microsoft consultants.

These services include online free Microsoft training, Microsoft implementation tools or pages where you can always access the latest news about Microsoft technology. Some of these services have a cost, but many of them don’t.

Because of their increasing number, these online Microsoft professional resources aren’t always easy to find.

365 Talent Portal focusses on curating this type of information for Dynamics consultants in an easy to use manner.  To see the full list of free Microsoft training sites now, click the below button and register with 365 Talent Portal for free.

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30+ Microsoft Dynamics career websites

So far, at 365 Talent Portal, we have gathered over 30 links to excellent Dynamics resources websites or pages which we know to be useful to top Dynamics consultants.

This list has been created from our years of expertise in the Microsoft Dynamics sector, from information provided by Microsoft themselves, but also from recommendations provided by the thousands of experienced Microsoft Dynamics professionals who have joined our portal.

You can benefit from all of these in one place: all these websites and pages have been gathered into one guide, and organised in categories to make it easier to find.

The essentials

Find links to the core Microsoft websites for Dynamics, such as the Microsoft Partner Network or Microsoft PartnerSource.

Microsoft PartnerSource

Dynamics career PartnerSource

PartnerSource is the go-to place for Dynamics-related information and documentation. This extremely popular portal enables Dynamics Partners to obtain the information and resources they need in order to manage their end-users communities.

On this website, you’ll be able to find: product updates, news, product demos, usage guides, training materials, events, licensing, pricing, sales materials, etc.

Additionally, depending on your subscription, a PartnerSource membership can enable you to access the Lifecycle Services.

Our guide also provides information that can help you to benefit from these core websites if you aren’t a Microsoft Partner employee.

Microsoft Dynamics Implementation

Browse through thirteen Microsoft pages and websites, most of which provide free resources that will help consultants with their Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft implementations.

Explore Dynamics

Explore Dynamics

Explore Dynamics, for instance, is a great platform which gives you access to a wealth of Microsoft Dynamics news, blog articles and professional resources.

We’ve also gathered websites which can help you to get Microsoft product demos, to build apps, to get easy information about specific Microsoft products…

Microsoft training resources and Video channels

Improve your Microsoft career skills with our list of nine Microsoft online learning websites and video channels. We included specific Microsoft Dynamics training platforms, as well as training for associated Microsoft products (such as Microsoft Azure). Many of these websites allow consultants to access free Microsoft training.

Microsoft Partner University

Microsoft Partner University

The Microsoft Partner University is Microsoft’s new online training hub. It links to several other Microsoft training websites, thus offering an amazing variety of training programs for Microsoft consultants. On this website, you can also build learning plans for you or for your team.

Social Media

Always be informed of the latest Microsoft Dynamics news and updates by following the right social media channels.

More resources to come!

We will be updating this list as we discover new Microsoft Dynamics career resources.

How do I get access to these Microsoft Dynamics career tools?

To access this thorough, regularly updated list, it’s simple: click the below button and register with 365 Talent Portal. It’s free for Microsoft consultants, and it comes with many benefits. For a few other examples of what we can provide to you for free, see: Six free tools to accelerate your Microsoft career.

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