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How to select the right Dynamics 365 candidates – free guide

How to select the right Dynamics 365 candidates – free guide

Hiring Dynamics 365 candidates isn’t just about filing a position. It’s about finding this great consultant who will have the right knowledge, experience and soft skills; while also being a good fit for your company culture. In many situations, you will need to find a multi-skilled professional who can help with various aspects of your implementation cycle as well as being able to constantly learn new Dynamics skills.

Accomplishing the perfect Dynamics hire is difficult. Just finding Dynamics 365 candidates is a bit of a challenge in itself, so how do you increase your chances of finding not just a consultant, but the ideal consultant?

This guide – the second guide in our Winning the war for Microsoft Dynamics Talent series – will provide you with great resources for effectively screening Dynamics 365 candidates, from the application stage to the interview stage.

Before you can select your candidates, though, you need to receive enough applications. If you’ve missed our first article, catch-up now and learn how to attract Dynamics 365 candidates.


General principles for selecting Dynamics 365 candidates

There are four sets of criteria which you will need to check for during your selection process:

  • The candidates’ Dynamics knowledge and qualifications.
  • The candidates’ soft skills.
  • The candidates’ specific niche skills.
  • Whether the candidates might be a good culture fit for your company or not.

Our guide offers effective ways of verifying these criteria across the CV screening stage and the interview stage of your hiring process.


How to screen Dynamics CVs

The best way to screen the CVs of Dynamics 365 candidates is to establish a solid process. This beings with a preparation phase, in which you should list the main criteria you will need to screen for, decide how you will track how each CV ranks against these criteria and set aside a few requirements which you would be ready to compromise upon.

After this, divide your Dynamics CV screening in 3 stages:

  1. Quickly read through all the CVs: only spend a few minutes on each, and remove the ones who don’t meet enough of your requirements.
  2. Read the remaining CVs thoroughly.
  3. Keep track of why a CV is good or bad, and move forward to the interview stage.


How to interview Dynamics 365 candidates

First, you need to decide on what your interviewing process will be:

  • Who in your company do the candidates need to speak to?
  • Is a technical or practical exercise required?
  • Does your candidate need to speak to one of your clients?
  • Do you need to test for certain soft skills or for company culture fit?

After this, build your list of interview questions by combining two sources:

  1. A generic list of questions designed to assess the candidates’ relevant experience, skills and motivation.
  2. A list of more specific questions drawn from your analysis of the Dynamics 365 candidates’ CV, designed to help clarify any gaps or inconsistencies.


Get all of the details – download your free guide

For a step-by-step approach on how to build your screening strategy, increase the effectiveness of your Dynamics CV screenings and conduct good interviews, click the below button and download your free guide!
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