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Reducing Dynamics project risk for End-Users

Reducing Dynamics project risk for End-Users

The failure rate in major end-user projects is still astonishingly high – especially if success is measured as ‘hitting or exceeding all the key performance indicators’, when full success is hardly ever achieved.  Microsoft Dynamics projects are no exception, but you can take easy steps to dramatically increase your chances of success.

As a prospective Dynamics 365 user, one obvious area is to ask yourself a simple question: how many Dynamics 365 projects has your firm implemented with the partner you are working with?  The answer is very likely zero.  So why not buy in some part time, interim experience into your firm?

Such people, often known as Microsoft Dynamics Engagement Managers, are not inexpensive, but their cost, compared to the cost of a system which has failed and been discarded after two years, is insignificant.  This is not a replacement for your Project Manager, although many do have that skill as well.  Instead, they are focussed much more on engaging the right resources from your firm and the partner.  Key areas they will cover include:

  • Understanding what it takes to deliver Dynamics 365 projects
  • Experienced in how top Microsoft Dynamics partners think and operate
  • Identifying the internal team structure you need and creating space for them to work effectively
  • Marshalling the correct internal resources at the right time – helping you select the A team that your project needs
  • Ensuring pertinent regular engagement with the Microsoft partner at all levels to keep the relationship effective.  Tense senior communication if things go wrong means it is usually too late.
  • Keeping both sides focused and energetic on the key aims.  Scope creep is too easy to allow.  It needs policing on both sides.

365 Talent Portal can help you with this.  We have many experienced Microsoft Dynamics Engagement Managers who have worked in the partner channel and now specialise in this end-user-based liaison role.  Rates vary, but the value to the project is always well worth it.  If you would like to know more about who could work on your project, please reach out to us via this link.


On a linked subject, last year, we ran a very successful series of events on how to reduce Dynamics project risk, with over 200 registrants joining.  If you want to follow the full 45 minutes presentation you can get to that from here.

As with many things, much of the content was reminders of a common sense approach which many of us fail to stick to when under time, budget and peer pressure. The central message was Stick to the original business benefits unless there is an absolutely compelling reason to alter the scope.  A interim Dynamics Engagement manager will help make sure your team remembers that.

This is what the full session encompassed:
· Business processes and requirements come first
· Focus on achieving a healthy ROI, including post-implementation performance measurement
· Get proper support and time from your company executives
· Develop a realistic project plan and implementation timeframe, and stick to it
· Commit strong project management and your best resources to the project – “A team” not “spare team”
· Good and open communication is vital; don’t hide things as they always come out later
· Ensure adequate organizational change management and training
· Limit software customization and challenge change control requests vehemently
· Leverage independent Dynamics expertise – from top Dynamics partners and Dynamics freelancers
· Some handy checklist tools you can download
· Where to find out more

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