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Achieve Microsoft Dynamics readiness in 5 steps

Achieve Microsoft Dynamics readiness in 5 steps

Microsoft releases new Microsoft products regularly.

Our guide to achieving Dynamics readiness will provide you with the resources you need to prepare yourself each time and make sure your Dynamics knowledge always stays up to date.


Step 1 – Don’t miss Microsoft product updates and news

The first step to achieving Dynamics readiness with any new product is being aware of the latest Microsoft Dynamics news.

There are several online resources you can check regularly in order to achieve this:

– Official Microsoft product websites

– Official Microsoft social media channels

– Microsoft Dynamics news websites, channels and YouTube pages

– Events, webinars, conferences.

We recommend finding the online pages and social media channels which are most relevant to your area of expertise, and making sure you keep an eye on what is posted on there.


Step 2 – Update your skills and certification exams

As a Dynamics professional, you need to keep your skills and certification exams up to date with the latest releases.

An excellent website to check for Microsoft Dynamics training is the Microsoft Partner University. Recently launched by Microsoft, it gathers links to many online Microsoft courses, several of which are free.

For your certification exams, the Microsoft Learning website is the place to go: it has a regularly updated exams list so you can always know which certifications you can take. It also provides the option to register online for your certification exams.

If you’d like an easy way to have all this information in one place, keep an eye on our downloadable catalogue of Microsoft Dynamics courses and certification exams.


Step 3 – Keep aware of Microsoft Dynamics competencies and exam requirements

The exam requirements for Microsoft Dynamics Silver and Gold competencies are a great way to know which certifications are most valuable on the current Dynamics market.

The exam requirements for all Microsoft competencies can be accessed on this Microsoft Partner Network page.


Step 4 – Use Microsoft Dynamics online resources

With every new release, new online resources are created by Microsoft, and old ones are getting updated.

The Microsoft Partner Network and Microsoft PartnerSource are the two main hubs for useful Microsoft Dynamics links – but there are many more.

A great way of making sure you always have access to everything you need is to find and bookmark all the online tools that could be useful to you in your work.

Don’t know where to start? Take a look at our blog article which tells you how to get access to a list of 30+ Essential websites for your Microsoft Dynamics career.


Step 5 – Engage with the Microsoft Dynamics community

The people who know most about Microsoft Dynamics are Microsoft Dynamics professionals themselves. By engaging with the Microsoft Dynamics community on various platforms, you will get all kinds of information which are useful to achieving Dynamics readiness.

Many Microsoft MVPs keep blogs in which they share the latest Dynamics news, feedback on the new Dynamics products, technical tips, and more.

You can make a selection of online platforms and Dynamics consultants to follow. Here are a few places you can start:

1) The Microsoft Dynamics community website: an amazing source for news, blog articles and community support.

2) The Microsoft Dynamics channels on Twitter: many experienced Dynamics consultants share their insights and blog articles on Twitter.

3) Microsoft Dynamics groups on LinkedIn: there are many, many good Dynamics groups on LinkedIn. Perform a search based on your main product of expertise and join the groups whose main topics are a good match.


Go further – download your full Dynamics readiness guide

Your full Dynamics readiness guide will provide you with additional information for each of these steps, as well as many more links to useful online resources. To download your free guide, simply click the below button!

Download your Dynamics readiness guide!

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