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How to build or boost your Cloud skills – free Azure training and resources

How to build or boost your Cloud skills – free Azure training and resources

With the expansion of Cloud-based solutions, Microsoft Azure skills are increasingly valuable on the Microsoft job market, particularly for consultants specialising in Microsoft Dynamics. Now is a good time to look into Azure training, and we have a great guide to get you started.

If you’re interested in integrating Microsoft Azure to your skillset – or in building on your existing Cloud skills – great news! Microsoft have been releasing more and more free online resources to help you do just that. You can now easily access free online Azure training courses, Azure professional resources or Azure news and product updates. All you need is to know where to start!

There are three main types of Azure online resources and websites on which you will need to keep an eye: the official Microsoft Azure channels, free Azure training resources and Azure professional resources. Below is a selection of the best site to get started with each.


Official Microsoft Azure channels

The official Microsoft Azure channels are the best place to go for the latest product updates and for many useful links.

The Official Azure website, in particular, is a valuable resource for consultants interested in the Cloud. From there, you can easily access a lot of valuable Azure information, training links and online tools.

Subscribing to the official Microsoft Azure social media channels is also a great way of remaining informed – you can start by following the Microsoft Azure Twitter account.


Microsoft Azure training resources

Several Microsoft websites now offer free Microsoft Azure training courses, which span a variety of roles and levels.

Whether you are looking to start learning about Azure or to expand your Azure skills, we highly recommend registering to the Microsoft IT Pro Career Center. This Microsoft training platform allows you to build a Cloud learning plan based on your role and experience and pulls appropriate training courses from a variety of sources.


Azure professional resources

Beyond training, there are several websites which make it easier for you to apply your Azure skills and to build or promote your solutions.

The Microsoft Azure Resources center is a great place to start: it has many valuable resources such as white papers, code samples, downloadable tools and more – all in one place.


More Azure and Dynamics resources

Are you interested in being kept aware of which Microsoft Azure resources are available to you?

For our registered consultant members, we have built several Azure and Dynamics guides which gather many Microsoft websites and online tools like the ones listed above. These guides make it really easy for consultants to always know where to go for training, information, news, documents, community support… If you’d like to know more, take a look at this: Six free tools to accelerate your Microsoft career.

If you want to see our full list of Azure online resources (and our Microsoft Dynamics guides), it’s simple – register with us for free by clicking the below button.

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