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How to explore the Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner opportunity

Are you looking to find out more about what it means to become a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partner?

Whether you are already a Microsoft Partner or entirely new to the Microsoft space, this article will give you tools to help you explore the Dynamics 365 Business Central partner opportunity.

Why become a Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner?

Many companies are undergoing digital transformation. They’re changing the way they engage with customers, improving the way they empower employees and optimizing their operations. This process requires effective business applications – such as Dynamics 365 Business Central.

There are several interesting ERP solutions available on the market, including other Dynamics 365 products – so what specific value does Dynamics 365 Business Central bring?

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central targets SMBs, and the SaaS market for SMBs is growing.
  • Compared to other ERP systems, its deployment is faster and easier.
  • It’s a set of Cloud-based business applications which can be accessed from a variety of devices.
  • Business Central deeply integrates with Office 365 as well as many other software products and applications.

The product allows companies to manage various business activities, including operations, finances, sales, customer service, supply chain and more.


What Business Central aims to do:

  • Improve customer service by providing intelligent information and empowering employees
  • Simplifying and streamlining business processes and daily operations
  • Connecting and unifying business channels


To learn more about the Dynamics 365 Business Central solution capabilities and pricing, you can visit the Business Central page on the Microsoft website.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner resources

Microsoft are constantly creating new resources for their Partners, with the aim to make their journey easier. Becoming a Microsoft partner means getting access to:

  • Guides to help you build and grow your practice
  • Marketing and sales guides to help you find your customers
  • Incentive programs to reward your efforts

To learn more about the perks that come with being a Microsoft Partner, have a look at our article:

5 reasons to start a Dynamics 365 practice.


If you’d like to dig deeper into the Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner opportunity, we suggest reading the following 3 resources created by Microsoft:

  1. Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner Pitch Deck
  2. LE: Are you Ready for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Opportunity?
  3. Dynamics 365 Business Central partner FAQ

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