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4 reasons to hire Dynamics 365 Consultants from another country

4 reasons to hire Dynamics 365 Consultants from another country

We all talk a lot about the capacity issue in the Dynamics 365 hiring market. There is such a big demand: both Dynamics partners and end-users are looking frantically for skilled Dynamics 365 resources. The good consultants are always busy, the graduates take a long time to train. Sadly, the partners are left with very few options to hire Dynamics 365 consultants. As a result, they have to keep poaching each other’s personnel, which increases salaries and turn-over across the whole market.

Microsoft are taking steps towards cross-training SAP and Oracle consultants, which has helped to add new blood to the channel. This is a great strategy for expanding the pool of Dynamics consultants: SAP and Oracle consultants are experienced, they know the business processes and they have relevant industry knowledge. This helps them to easily pick up the Dynamics 365 solutions.

4 reasons to hire Dynamics 365 consultants from abroad

Another way employers can address the lack of Dynamics 365 resources is to reach for talent from abroad. Many companies consider this but very few actually do it. There are hundreds of skilled people in developing countries who would love to move to Western Europe or North America for the right opportunity.


1 – Find highly skilled Dynamics 365 consultants

In the Western European and North American market, skilled consultants are increasingly harder to find. If you hire Dynamics 365 consultants from abroad, you will get access to a whole new pool of very experienced and well-trained professionals. This strategy gives you the opportunity to find highly skilled consultants or developers, even MVPs who would take the risk of relocating if they had the chance.


2 – Make a hire more quickly and more easily

Are you interested in the idea of relocating a professional, but worried that the process might be too complicated? Talking to a number of our clients and consultants, it actually isn’t that difficult to get a work permit or visa. Many of the consultants might even know about the process better than you if they have had friends or family move already. There are lawyers who specialise in this and can help you very quickly (sometimes faster than finding someone locally).

In Europe, as European Union (EU) citizens, consultants have the right to live and work in any other EU country. This means you can easily hire someone who is based in Portugal or Romania, for example.


3 – Save money

If you hire Dynamics 365 consultants from abroad, you are likely to save money both in recruitment fees and salary costs. Consultants from countries where the Dynamics market is less stretched, and/or where living costs are far lower, won’t be expecting a salary as high as what you would pay someone local for the same job.


4 – Get motivated, committed employees

If you’re a Western-European or North-American company, the market of Dynamics 365 candidate who live abroad and want to relocate is the one place where there are more candidates than there are job opportunities. Only a few employers in the Dynamics space are prepared to try this strategy, which means it isn’t easy for these specific candidates to find a role in the country where they want to relocate.

In addition to making it easier for you to find someone skilled, this also means that candidates in this space are usually very keen to prove their worth. Once hired, they’re also immensely grateful for the opportunity and less likely to look for another job in a different company. These consultants also tend to be particularly ambitious to develop their skills and add value to your company.


What about the downsides?

You might be wondering why more employers aren’t giving this a try. Are there any downsides? Potentially, but not always:

  • There could be some paperwork but leave it to the lawyers to sort out. Even if you add this cost, it is likely to still be much cheaper than hiring a local consultant.
  • This could take a couple of months but finding the right resource in your country could take even longer.
  • The candidates might lack experience in global corporations, or not fully understand the local industry, or not speak your local language fluently. True, but these professionals are very motivated and would spend a lot of time self-educating/training themselves to get up to speed quickly.

Now, what if you don’t even know where to start from? Many recruitment agencies only work with local resources. But the solution is easy – focus your efforts on international professional websites targeted at Dynamics professionals. Our platform, for example, offers the option to search for consultants’ profiles based on where they want to work, giving you a quick view on who is interested in relocating where you are.

So here is our advice: don’t limit your search locally and be open to interviewing resources from abroad. The hiring and relocating process isn’t that complex and the benefits outnumber the inconvenience of getting the work permit or visa, if there is any requirement for this at all.


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