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So you want to be a Microsoft Certified Trainer in Dynamics?

So you want to be a Microsoft Certified Trainer in Dynamics?

What is the Microsoft Certified Trainer accreditation?

If you already have good knowledge of Dynamics, the Microsoft Certified Trainer accreditation helps you build your communication and presentation skills so that you can become a top notch educator.  Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are an exclusive group seen as the premier technical and instructional experts in specific Microsoft technologies including Dynamics.

Why become an MCT?

There is a global recognition that many Dynamics users are undertrained and so firms aren’t getting the very best out of their systems.  A lot of this is down to lack of skilled trainers.  You could add this sought after expertise to your skillset.

Additionally, Microsoft is now rolling out global programs like Dynamics Accelerate, which 365 Talent Portal is directly involved in.  We’ve sent some of our lucky members over to Seattle for onboarding, and they are now training people face to face and remotely around the world.  You could be one of these trainers.

MCTs get special access to the resources they will need as a trainer – such as free access to Technet, official trainer packs and courseware, as well as exclusive trainer forums – to stay right up to speed with Microsoft technologies, in many cases before they are released to market.  Of course this will also greatly help you in your more usual role as a tech or functional consultant – win:win.

MCT certification can offer you an interesting variety in work and will make you more valuable as an employee or freelancer.  It also gets you access to lots more online information, plus 50% discounted MCP exams and sometimes free MOS exams.  More info on the benefits and prerequisites can be found here.

How to become an MCT?

You’ll need to pass, or have passed, recent Dynamics, Office or other Microsoft exams so you can get an MCPID.  These exams are there to ensure your technical knowledge is up to date and at high standard.

In addition, you’ll also need to learn, and prove you’ve learnt, communication and education skills.  There are various ways you can do this, with a range of costs and speeds.  Here are some options:

  • Pass the CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer+ (CTT+) certification to demonstrate excellence in the training field. This costs about $200 to complete.
  • Pass a presentation skills course via CompTIA or Microsoft. You can take self-study or online classes in technical presentation, so is thorough, but will cost a bit more.
  • If you are already a certified trainer for Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, Novell or Oracle, you get a free pass to MCT and won’t have to take and pass presentation courses every year. Clearly the best option J
  • If you are an instructor at an accredited academic institution they can tell Microsoft that you are a good instructor, and Microsoft will believe them.

Note that Microsoft charge a fee to join the MCT program, and as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, you will need to earn a Microsoft Certification each year to validate your experience and knowledge in using Microsoft products and solutions for each type of course you deliver.  But that means you will be bang up to date with all your knowledge and certifications, so you will be highly employable in a range of roles.

Where to start?

If you aren’t one of the 2200 Dynamics consultants already using our services, please register with 365 Talent Portal and, if you are an independent consultant, request free access to our specialised Microsoft Training and Information resources.  Please have a look at the MCT Enrollment guide to see what exams you should pass.  Then learn and pass some…

What’s next?

In future parts of this series of blogs we’ll be covering:

  • Getting into Dynamics for the first time
  • Dynamics for Graduates
  • Cross-training into Dynamics from Oracle, SAP or
  • Upskilling – what are the sought after areas in Dynamics AX?
  • Upskilling – what are the sought after areas in Dynamics CRM?

About 365 Talent Portal

At 365 Talent Portal we focus on Microsoft Dynamics consultants to give them a single source for Dynamics training, information, news, events, as well as permanent and freelance jobs with some of the best companies in the world.  It is completely free to use for consultants.

For hiring companies, we recognise that every business is different and we offer three inexpensive ways you can find the resources that are best suited for your company and budgets:

  • you can use our database for self-service (publish jobs and/or search for talent)
  • we can help with searching and matching candidates for your jobs
  • we can act like a traditional recruitment but better as we are from the Dynamics channel and we are cheaper

Find out more here or contact us ( to discuss your specific requirements and we can work out which option suits your business best.

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