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Dynamics NAV 2016 integration with Office 365 – demonstration of the new features

Dynamics NAV 2016 integration with Office 365 – demonstration of the new features

The world is changing quickly: the past few years have brought us a plethora of new business models and new technologies. In our very first Dynamics NAV webinar on June 10th, Andrea Ely, Microsoft UK Partner Technology Strategist for Dynamics NAV, demonstrated how the integration of Dynamics NAV 2016 with Office 365 responds to those new business needs.


Data is evolving

Because of the development of new devices, we now live in an app-centric world – a model we have come to expect in both our private and personal lives.

Dynamics NAV 2016 The World Has Changed

Copyright: Microsoft

Every day, an overwhelming amount of data is gathered, stored, analysed and exchanged. The amount of data captured around the world is growing exponentially. Currently, 75% of that data is unstructured and remains unanalysed. There is, more than ever, a strong need for better ways of organising and processing that information.

Now that the world is connected by a global network, communications are becoming more elaborate than before: it is now possible to set-up a variety of online calls, conference calls or instant messaging platforms, via a wealth of supports, on all kinds of devices.

These changes have an impact on the way we live and on the way we work. There is a general expectation for a round the clock access to systems and data, simply because it is possible. We need better systems of intelligence in order to get insights into all the data we are capturing.


Dynamics NAV 2016 productivity and features

Microsoft’s goal with Dynamics NAV 2016 (and with many of their other products) is to empower and connect people, using intelligent and fluid processes based on familiar and agile technology.

Adjusting to changes takes time. Each new technology which comes to the market represents a new learning process for the user, which can be detrimental to productivity. If, however, the look and feel of systems and applications remains similar, the implementation and training processes become much easier. That’s one of the principles on which NAV 2016 has been built.

For the purpose of answering businesses’ needs for a constant, multi-device access to the application, Dynamics NAV 2016 now works as a universal app on all devices.

Dynamics NAV 2016 will only be sold by Microsoft Partners and won’t be sold directly to any marketplace around the world.

Dynamics NAV 2016 Productivity

Copyright: Microsoft

Office 365 is the tool used to build NAV 2016 for productivity: users can now use NAV functionalities and even get to NAV from logging-in to their Office 365 accounts. This technology is supported by the Azure platform.


Dynamics NAV 2016 and Office 365 demonstration

Logging-in to Office 365 leads to a SharePoint dashboard, which pulls live data from Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics NAV 2016 SharePoint Dashboard

Dynamics NAV dashboard example for finance user – Copyright: Microsoft

The SharePoint interface also provides individual, role-tailored dashboards built with tiles.

Dynamics NAV 2016 Individual Tile Dashboard

Individual dashboard for order processing – Copyright: Microsoft

This type of dashboard helps users to set priorities and to determine what is most important using, for instance, colour coding at the top of the tiles.

From the SharePoint dashboards, Dynamics NAV 2016 can be accessed in one click. A link takes the user directly to the web client, eliminating the need for switching from one system to another.

Dynamics NAV 2016 direct access from SharePoint

Dynamics NAV 2016 access from SharePoint – Copyright: Microsoft

Dynamics NAV 2016 itself features a role-centred user interface which includes colour-coded tiles. A number of new tools have been introduced, one of which is the integration with BING maps that allows to see a customer’s location directly from the customers’ list.

The Excel icon still allows to export data, but this exported data can now be shared via Excel Online, thus eliminating the need for numerous desktop copies.

Skype for Business has a new interesting feature, too: it is now possible for users who are federated with their customers to see their online statuses via Skype for Business, as well as sending them instant messages.

And, of course, the SharePoint Dashboard allows an easy access to Office 365 applications, including CRM, Power BI, Yammer, Delve, or Sway. From Office 365, users can access their mailboxes as well as Social Media applications. Having all these applications accessible in one place saves a lot of time.

NAV 2016 Office 365 Apps SharePoint

Easy access to Office 365 Applications from SharePoint – Copyright: Microsoft

Dynamics NAV 2016 comes with a native CRM integration: it is now possible to perform basic operations (such as creating a contact in CRM and passing it over to NAV, or creating a quote in CRM and converting it in an order in NAV) out of the box as a native capacity.

Integration with Power BI is also available out of the box with NAV 2016. The data from NAV can now be synced with Power BI very easily.

Microsoft Social engagement is becoming more elaborate. This tool allows companies to find out what their customers are saying about their brands, products, or customer service by analysing feeds from Facebook, Twitter or even blogs. Microsoft Social engagement is able to identify the sentiment behind what is being said and, from it, to generate statistics and reports. This tool can be integrated into Dynamics CRM, and can now be brought into NAV as well.

The SharePoint dashboard also links to Yammer, which can be a productive option for communicating with colleagues in a way that is more direct and less time-consuming than emails.

It is now possible to build a Dynamics NAV demo environment from the Azure public gallery, which offers demo scripts that can easily be run.


Additional Dynamics NAV Resources

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