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One size doesn’t fit all

One size doesn’t fit all

Do you ever get the feeling that you are offered the wrong resources for the job openings you have, or that you are negotiating recruitment terms that don’t fit your business?

Most companies who are looking for candidates have to face the decision of which way to go:

  • advertise the job on job sites, or
  • search for candidates (databased, social media, etc..) and contact them directly, or
  • use traditional recruitment.

All of these sources have positives and negatives. What if you want to use a hybrid approach?

You can, but that usually means you have to use different suppliers, spend a lot more time explaining your requirements, and pay different people, which in most cases would result in higher overall charges.

Sadly, the recruitment industry is still trying to change the behaviour of the hiring companies to suit itself, and offers “one size” solution to all. We need to open our eyes to the fact that every company has different requirements, budget, resources that will handle the recruitment, urgency, availability, etc. and thus needs a great deal more flexibility than is usually on offer.

What is the solution ?


The recruiters of the future should look at the different hiring cultures and offer a tiered  service starting from an ability to advertise jobs (the cheapest but most time-consuming option) all the way up to completely outsourced HR.

At 365 Talent Portal we recognise that every business is different and we offer different ways you can find the resources that are best suited for your company and budgets:

  • you can use our database for self-service (publish jobs and/or search for talent)


  • we can help with searching and matching candidates for your jobs


  • we can act like a traditional recruitment but better as we are from the Dynamics channel and we are cheaper

Find out more here ( or contact us ( to discuss your specific requirements and we can work out which option suits your business best.


About us: 365 Talent Portal is the first online platform that gives Dynamics partners and end-users instant access to hundreds of consultants. With a network spanning 101 countries, it allows companies to search for consultants based on their skills, rates and available dates, enabling them to find the best person for their projects without incurring the hefty fees typical of recruitment agencies. Register here –

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